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Won’t go into four wheel drive, lights for the A4H, 4X4 come on when I I switch to em with the knob but the don’t engage. So just hoping I bought the 4x4 engage solenoid for $25 and I know where the engagement and disengagement solenoids are located but which is which, there side by side on the left side of the fire wall
My 2001 lincoln navigator will go in reverse but when i put it in drive it wont go forward
Pull sharply left when braking at highway speed
My Drivers side puddle light and signal does not work. It is not the bulbs or fuses. Does anyone have any idea as to how to fix this?
I know it is I need to know how to override the theft control on my 2000 Lincoln Navigator
2000 Lincoln navigator v8
i found wet oil in the tail pipe of my 2016 lincoln navigator. the truck only has 7000 miles on it. I brought the truck back to lincoln and theym stated it was a normal situation..?

How long have you had this problem? just started today
White smoke comes out exhaust pipe and it leaks gas
My park lights want go off
I had air suspension converted how can I turn warning off for inspection?
Well, when I got it home, the next day I had the oil changed and all of the spark plugs changed out. Still no change in engine performance. Still runs rough. almost like missing somewhere. I'm not sure how old the pump is. I bought the truck used. It had 121,000 miles on it and now I have 210,517 miles on it.
you can faintly hear it on low. When you start to turn up the fan it gets louder. Its still cold as it has been. just very noisey on high.
My side view mirror want fold inward and is making a humming noise. The driver side works ok. I had to take the fuse out to stop the humming. because it will hume when everything is off.
It seems odd that with a service bulletin on spark plug removal that 3 of 8 plugs would still break off requiring the dealership to charge an additional fee to remove them. Is that usual and customary?
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