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steering wheel is hot where airbag deploys
After about 30 miles of driving the on and off lights for the traction control come on, if i pull over turn my vehical off and back on they go off but come back on after a few minutes of driving, if i leave it off for about a hour or so they do not come back on till after about 30 milez of driving again
After losing my drivers rear tire in traffic, I put the spare tire on and noticed the blinkers, brake lights and fuel gauge don't work. Flashers do, everything else works. everything. Im hoping a common ground wire. Tire did not roll under rear of montero.
Had the standard clutch replaced 1 at gear was working before now doesn't go into 1at gear at all
I look everywhere and i can not finf the fuel pump relay
At first there was a clicking sound coming from drivers front end, as you soon as you braked it would stop.
On the inside of display screen
Replaced computer & distribtor but still the problem help
The problem has occurred before the light with the swerving car and also another swerving car with the word off. Its like it wants to turn off..what could it be ?
Just installed a new battery I ive driven errands after erands with parked for up to 6 hrs & started rt up but if goes longer than 12 hrs w/ not one Bart draining light nor anything, MY battery goes too weak to start. If alternater, I'd so bad pro's keeping it charged running 2 days if errands but seenpm even w/ all light, I power turned off it goes dead. What too 5 things could be draining battery, KNOWING any & all power pulling things are completely off. Please help a good hinist man down in his luck. Godbless
what else do you want
The gauge was working the other day. I drove it last night extensively and the temperature gauge didn't even move at all, it was very very warm in our area last night. All fluid levels are perfect, everything works fine including AC, but gauge is not working at all
It's on a 2002 special can I pull the steering wheel cover off and fix it that way if so how do I do it without the airbag getting messed up
My car didn't pass CA's snap test (blows bluish/grey smoke when punched). I took the car to the local STAR repair shop because i qualified for the repair assistance progream. He is telling me its the o-rings which are causing it to burn oil (i only go through 1-2 quarts between oil change) He is saying i have to retire the car and the engine is toast. However, the car runs really well, except for this issue.
Any suggestions would be helpful!!
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