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Volvo s40 2001 were is my sip stick for trans
My Volvo started giving me problems last month. First it died on me at the gas station and I had to get it towed home. I figured it might be bad gas so I put in a fuel cleaner and my car ran well for two weeks and then it died on me again. The engine will shake and my rpms will be all over the place and it will shut off after a few minutes of rough idiling. Changed air filter because it was bad and my car ran for a few more days and then it died again as well. I've taken it to two separate mechanics and both couldn't find anything wrong with it. Both times it ran when they got it and died the day after I took it home both days and I'm just frustrated because it's killing me at my job not having reliable transportation. My car has 180,000 miles and I am the second owner.
Where is the pcv valve located on a 2005 volvo S40 2.4
I got quoted for a replacement job on the front and struts for $1000. Is that a good price for this car? Is it something I may be able to do on my own?
I have a 2007S40 Five cylinder manual transmission. What is the newest motor compatible I can have installed ? 2010 ?
I have a 2004 Volvo s40 T5 and have 6 codes and the transmission does not shift right. The first code is P02EB diesel intake air flow control motor , 2nd is C1ED9 No Definition, 3rd U3C91 No Definition, 4th U3413 No Definition, 5th P2600 Coolant Pump "A" control circuit / open 6th P0000 No Definition, I did the B4 Servo Upgrade for the transmission and it still shifts terrible and seems like it doesn't downshift right and like the shift points are wrong. any suggestions on what is going on. I have not been able to find anybody that has the software update as of yet but still looking. What fluid should I use for a transmission flush? Is there any way to have the transmission re-learn the up shift and down shift points? I am running out of patients on this thing. Thanks,
Jim K.
Engine would randomly start stalling before, adding fuel injector cleaner fixed the problem for a while, but now the engine cuts off completely. Car won't start unless foot is on gas when starting. Can kind of drive the car still, if foot is constantly on gas maintaining RPM, but once the gas is let off RPM returns to 0 and engine dies. Battery warning light comes on but I'm pretty sure the battery is fine.
Today I learned my 2003 Volvo S 40, purchased used early last year, has a damaged oil pan that some clown repaired with liberal amounts of JB Weld! The damaged and rounded off oil drain plug is now non-removable--no oil changer in town will touch it. Is removing and replacing the oil pan a D.I.Y. job or should I just throw in the towel and take it into a shop? What is involved in the job? I have moderate to semi-advanced mechanical skills but do not want to get into a major tear down in my driveway. Thanks for any useful advice.
Car starts but does not drive
I need to replace my flex pipe and do not know how long it has to be
Work intermitent
today when driving went in to 3rd gear it was like a hard movement with a jerk. managed to get it out of third gear when i got home , but now it is completely stick, The car is 2006 and manuel
I bought a 2004 s40 and need to buy an oil pan due to a crack. how do i know if the car has an oil level sensor?
Ac works fine, but heater started only coming on sporadically and now will not get hot. Blower works fine.
License plate bulbs were working and now are not,bulbs are good. The owners manual doesn't show anything on the license plate fuse.Thanks!
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