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Transmission not good

Hood slammed shut and now I can't get
it to pop up.

My heater display went out and my heater got stuck on constantly then one day it just stopped and now cant get it back on.

I was in the hospital and my husband lost the only key we had. I told him to brake the ignition and start it with a screwdriver because I had an old car like that. It worked but only started once and then the theft system kicked in and won't start again. Radio and everything works just won't start. The ignition housing got bent up when he was breaking the ignition. A key maker said if we can replace that housing and have him come make us a key he can program that key to the engine and reset it.

Every time I turn the key on it doesn't start till the second try. I have to keep pressure on the foot pedal to keep it running. The car stalls out when I slow down to stop.

I have a 2004 Chrysler Concorde 3.5 engine...all of a sudden out of nowhere the car won't start unless it's jumped...I've had the battery and alternator tested and were told they were fine...I had the starter replaced and still the car will not start. When I turn the ignition the car clicks one time and nothing...all lights come on radio head and dome lights as well as blower motor all come on...I was told possibly a ignition switch or possible add a ground cable...has anyone else had this problem. How did you resolve it.

I have a 1999 Chrysler concorde 3.2 liter engine. It cranks but won't start. Before leasing up to this it would get hot and fail to start once turned off and engine got. Give it a half hour and itll start on the first shot.
I had a diagnostic some and it had a mid fire 1 through 6.. replaced the boots and plugs. Anyone know what this sounds like plz call 7194005846 mark. I appreciate it.

The gear doesn't work (P,R,N,D,3,L) all of them are lit up vs only one and after resetting the computer (disconnect the battery for a few mins) everything works as normal but the first thing that cuts out is the gears, then after a couple days the entire cluster dies ( all gauges read 0 and no bus is seen as mileage) all the while the car runs like nothing is wrong. The codes I get are random but P 1698 is almost always there which points to the TCM. BUT as I drive, sometimes my interior lights come on randomly and shut off shortly, which points to the BCM.

trunk kid won't open with push button or key. how can I get into trunk

I need to know what the two parts I have circled are. I think one is the oxygen sensor connected to the exhaust manifold but I want verification and I do not know what the other one is.

About a year ago we noticed sometimes the starter would do nothing - no click or anything. We brought it to the dealer & they couldn't reproduce the problem. We started using a single ignition key, thinking a loaded key chain was causing the starter problem. Then we realized the starting problem always happened when the engine was warm. It starts 100% of the time when the engine is cool. Yesterday a friend noticed the last mechanic had overfilled the radiator coolant. We drained some off. The car has started every time - cold engine or hot engine. Could there be a pressure issue with too much coolant that would cause the starter to not work when the engine is hot? I know it's weird.... Thanks.

I'm taking out the radiator and coolant lines on my 2004 Chrysler concorde on my own, I need a lost of tools required

gears not shifting only stays in one gear .i was running good just been like that about one week

3.3 litre engine
keyless entry

Was driving car on freeway, it was 107 degrees that day..turned car off and when i restarted it it was mking a rumbling noise coming from the area of where the raditor is located..could feel vibration in drivers drove stalling or overheating but vibrating and rumbling continued while fine when first started but when it warms up the rumbling vibrating starts..its not real loud but can be heard from outside then next day stopped blowing cold air..tryed putting freon but condenser wouldnt tk it. When i first heard rumbling sound i thought id pulled up to far over front curb and fan was being pushed slightly against something, that wasnt the case but thats what it sounded like..thank you

They said the main intake hose is in there also thermostat water bubbling out but car has not overheated

I've changed all the sparkplugs, coils, put in a new Fuel pump, Crankshaft Sensor, Camshaft Sensor, and theres no check engine light on. The engine turns over theres fuel in the fuel rails but not getting spark....

The interior lights won't turn off after the doors are closed. It does not seem to be in the headlight or interior dimmer switch. I believe it is in the sensor that tells whether the door is open or closed. How do I determine which one?

It has a sway bar bushing that is loose but it is stripped out and cannot get out or tighten. HELP ME PLEASE.... THANKS

After allowing the car to sit for some time the brakes will release and can be driven again but the same symptoms will repeat. Calipers, rotors, pads, flex lines and brake lines have been replaced. System has new brake fluid and has been properly bled.

The car will not start because the alarm was triggered. It is being sold at a very low price ($950)because of this issue. It only has 70,000 miles one owner and very clean. Is it worth the gamble to purchase?

engine over it almost starts but dosnt

Doors won't unlock

it's going thru tires like no body's buisness don't understand why the rear tires are being worn