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I get a hard shift every so often but on most days it's all good with smooth shifting all the way. I did a fluid change a while back and thought I would see metal but the magnet was clean. I'm not sure what it could be
Ac blows full blast when ever the car is on is there any way to shut it ofd until ican afford to fix it? 99 chrysler concord
I just want to know where is the on 1998 Chrysler concorde
I have a 1999 Chrysler concorde that I replace the battery on. it starts up fine but cannot shut engine off by turning key to off position. have to disconnect battery to shut engine off.
It's leaking from the o - rings and possibly the fuel rail.
Does a 99 Chrysler Concorde have an engine shut off if it runs too low on oil
What tool do you need to take the air filter off to get to the battery of a 2004 Chrysler Concorde?
The starter won't turn over after car is hot , just clicking noise , car cools off 3 hours car starts and runs fine . I have already changed the relay ,
Check engine light on, speedometer not working,won’t shift.
My chip key won't start my car, 1999 Chrysler Concorde, can turn it backwards to accessory but not forward to start, finally able to remove key after much difficulty, afraid to try again

PS, steering wheel was not stuck locked, that was not the problem
Replaced relay, signal switch in column. If I turn on the flasher nothing happens until I turn on the ignition then the flasher relay clicks but no lights operate in the dash or front or rear of car. Both fuses for the system are good have power at the relay on the pink wire always. Power to the black/yellow when key is on. black wire has ground always as does the blue pink. I thought the blue/pink should strobe with ignition on and blinker set in either direction. All brake/park lights work.
How do you reset the fuel pump after installing
When the car is turned on, the air conditioning will also come on and it can't be turned off...It will stay on the whole time the car is on or driving.
I got the alternator battery and the computer system replace and it still dies on me what else can be the problem could it be the starter that's causing my battery to die
Fuse box where is it
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