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spark plugs and ignition coils changed, fuel injectors cleaned,no vacum leaks. Misfire some times goes and the car at idle gains back its normal idling but as soon as i drive again the misfire is back with rough idling and hesitation the shaking in the engine is mild but the car seems it has lost a significant power especially at pull up. the computer is not showing any faults and the diagnosis @ the VW agency showed nothing

The wiring harness has fallen apart with many wires exposed due to the wire jacket cracking. This was found due to a right rear reverse light alarm (and not working). I would imagine this is a common harness for all GTI and R32 as well as all Golf models.

This is a $400+ repair expense ($210 just for harness) that should be covered by VW as this is a defective part. Please advise.

VW-R32 08 turning lemons to.... Current living/driving needs forced my hand.I have to trade/sell, the R32 for alt. VW /Audi (in same price range) seeking nominations on a fairly current VW model/ 'wolf in sheeps clothing. Withreadily accessible parts MOD/Enhsncement;and in your opinion on MODs where to start and what to focus on? Even considered 2wd Tiguan dropped (realistic to everyday driver profile TCU /FLash...ya I know sounds daft. Thank you for attention and any further thought?

Have had major work on the A/C system, sensors replaced, power module replaced, both fans replaced, full charge on gas. Even with fan pot on high only slight whisper of output through the vents....air nice and cold but relatively little air flow.

Shop quoted almost $900 for a single wheel bearing, hub, and alignment. Is this right or are they trying to get more money? I've heard of people getting 2 bearings replaced for this amount, but not a single one.