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Where to order the part and how much?

white smoke

thinking of purchasing a 1996 Isuzu Trooper with a broken head gasket and cracked windshield. Is this vehicle dangerous to take on the freeway/highway? should i buy this vehicle?

How about this 95 model Isuzu Trooper 3.2 600 brought it home on the way home it was losing power specifically coming up the hill I finally coasted into the house got here and since I've been here I have basically replaced all cool packs spark plugs oil change transmission fluid battery everything that I can think of that would cause it to not crank back up when I first bought it it crying tried up although I found out about this connecting the battery causes the anti-theft to come on it's at for almost a week with the battery off when I put it back on now the anti-theft is blinking and I cannot get it to go off what can I do to either bypass it or to just cut it off

all electrical and busted fuse and relays are ok

I can start it and it will move but not drive. before not driving i was having problems with it stalling.

I changed the battery and I get nothing, had a jumper that can start a semi and no lights or anything came on. Any idea of what else it could be that is not allowing any charge to get it started?

slows down, and starts sputtering like out of gas..pulled over turned off. then tried to drive but wouldnt go but like 5 mph. checked all my fluids and they are fine and it has gas in it...what could be the problem?

When you first start it it makes a loud squealing noise like when you have a loose fan belt. It quits after a few minutes. It not the fan belt. What could it be

Will a transmission from a 97 trooper be compatible with a 98 trooper

When warm and you make a sharp turn from a stop the car shutters. When it straightens out it goes away. Feels like transmission or something in the 4WD. The car is in 2WD mode. 175K mi. New tires and shocks. Any suggestions what's wrong and a possible fix?

Transmission seal shaft

Tod shows auto inthdiddle on th bottom flashing check

Engine run too rich and stall lost power relays

when start up ac cools then after short time ac lights flicker and engine hunts(up &down)

. It occurs two or three times a day . Is it the neutral safety or ignition switch and where is part at ?

Best way to find out why not cooling,there was no noise from the pump prior also cause a inch and half crack in plastic top of radiator can this be repaired or will I have to replace it

What i do next ?

It will start and when I put it on drive(D) it doesn't move .....only reverse works....

My 95 isuzu trooper starts fine but after driving for a little while bogs down and the rpms fluctuate and sometimes it stalls. When it does it takes a little work to get it to start again and when i do it doesn't happen again for a while

Radio antenna. Base into motor, plastic smooth or toothed?? Thanks

I need advice on re-aligning the headlight.
The left headlight points higher than the right headlight.

I turn the A/C and Heater knobs and the dash and nothing happens. The blower doesnt even turn on. Any suggestion will be helpful.

The engine clicking the mechanic told me that the oil pressure is low. this is what causes the clicking noise how can I fix this problem.

Just started doing this when I hit 40 to 50 mph, not sure what it could be. Any ideas? Also, it idels at a high rpm an takes a little time to gain speed. Slightly shakes, an when I push on the brake pedal it does like a shutter almost.

I drove 40 miles & the suv burned 2 miles

the valve are ticking & the suv eats oil when I drive it 20 miles about 2 quarts

Starter and flex plate replaced helped but did not fix starting problem. Intermittent: sometimes starts perfectly. Runs fine. So I don't think has to do with worn teeth or transmission. Sounds terrible when it happens but then starts after a couple more seconds. Help!

My power windows and cruise control went out at the same time.
Checked all fuses. OK. Any suggestions?