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My key ignition cylinder is jammed by 1/4 of my key. I was using my ignition switch to start my vehicle, my ignition switch broke so now I am replacing it. I have an 2002 Isuzu trooper
My 2001 Isuzu Trooper was parked for nearly a year inside my garage. I put a new battery in it and it started just fine. Let in run a while and drove it around the block a few times. The next day as I’m driving down the road I suddenly lose power, I tried getting back up to speed and the rpm would just sky rocket. I came to a stop sign and from there I could not shift into 2nd gear and rpm was still going high at about 4,000 rpm. The problem is now consistent. Is my transmission bad? Why did it run fine the first day and shift properly but not the second day?
need to know amps and relays diods and fuse specks so i know what was stollen from my fuse box under the hood. i dont have heated seats or fig lights . specifically od relays and diods
my relays were taken out of the underhood fuse box and i need help
Light on dash says it's engaged and 4Lo lowers gear ratio but front axle not engaging
The problem has been occurring weekly, just fixed one hose and now the other blew off
4 wheel drive will not engage but light on dash shows it is. I cannot find a blown fuse anywhere. I get a grinding in the front end when trying to engage in neutral.

The mirror housing has been manually pushed back over the ratchet and it now slips back over the "knobs".
What kind of tramission fluid go in a 2000 isuzu trooper
I need to know if the windshield wipers are wired into the same plug in as the door chime behind the kickplate on the front passenger side.
What can I do to get power to my car after putting my negative on my positive on my battery in my 2002 Isuzu trooper
Head Light assembly needs to be replaced but as I understand it I must remove the front grill first but don't know how.
Am thinking of purchasing a 2001 Trooper. Is a RJQ engine a 3.2 liter V-6? And does RMQ-trans mean it has 4L3 0 E? if the trans does not engage is that usually an electronic controlled problem or is the problem with the transmission normally? it makes no sound of engaging at all. Since the 4L30E is an old GM product (I think) and the fluid level and color is good - could the filler plug have been left open and therefore not have pressure to operate? What should I be looking for and about what will it take and cost to make functional? Will this vehicle tow a 1983 - 25' Wlderness camp trailer? respectfully, Chad
The car is a 2000 yr isuzu 4x4 trooper. The car was running fine before it got overhauled by a local mechanic and now it wont start. The mechanic said he pieced it all back together with no problems but it wont run. He said that it's like there is something wrong with the fuel supplied to the engine. Please help us what should we do?
is there a fuse for key fob?Should I seek lock smith
where is the drive clutch cylnder located
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