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This car has been a lemon since it was purchased new but this is a new one. At low speeds where the transmission is pulling the car forward or breaking to a stop it sounds like someone is jumping on a old wooden floor. I did some looking around online and they said it sounds it could be tie rods, which would not be good. It just started recently, probably the last 4-5 days but it is consistently happening. The car also bounces much more often as well so I was thinking it would be maybe my brakes or suspension.

Is this an easy fix as I have been Told? Please advise. Thank you

When I drive my car in residential areas I will be at a stop and my car rpms will go up and down and then the car dies but if I hit the gas it tries to go so it doesn't dies just stutters in a way. When I accelerate on the highway it just seems like it stalls a little but I don't have major issues, not sure if it is related. I have gotten a new battery, new throttle body (which seemed to help but now is acting back up), throttle body cleaned (again helped for a couple of days and acted back up), new variable valve timing solenoid, new spark plug in line 4. I am dumping so much money in it and no one seems to know what is really wrong with it. Please help.

How do you turn off the oil percentage

Is the something I can put in the car to unstuck it

how to change 4way balance brake block

the replacement cv axles do not have these shims on them. do I need to transfer them to the replacement shafts

The gas light went off for a while now told it might be a camshaft sensor I've heard of other Malibu people having the same issue

When I turn the wheels to the right it makes a sound but not all the time

will run for about 10-15 minutes then die try to start nothing. Lights radio works then after a few seconds will start and run a few seconds or a minutes then dies again. over and over

My motor be rattling

I was drivin and my car shut off i tried cranking it up it still would not crank i put a new fuel pump nd filter still wouldnt crank can u please tell me the problem

What can I look at for this problem , gas gauge or temp gauge doesn't work , and ac comes on but blows only hot air ,

are there trunk releases in the car

I want to know how replace the injector number 1

It won't turn over at all. The overhead light does work. First time this ever happened

a friend is giving me the ramp and wheelchair said all I need is 2 inch hitch, is it possible to get this part and attach it to this car? Thanks in advance

My car rides fine but in a hot day it starts to hesitates like it wants to turn off is this the fuel pump or the injectors

First time this has occurred.

Once I put air in tire light goes out. Had car serviced, mechanics say tired r good condition

this alarm is a constant.Does this have to do with my engine?

The raditor that's bolts down to car frame . Can't fugue out how to put them back on . Plus I think my raditor is not up high enough

Bleeding air out

Putting radiator back in car n can't get the lines to stay un

The car blows out blue smoke from tailpipe when AC is turned on

Traction control and ESC light is coming on. I used reset (info button) and it goes away and comes back later.

For about a month

My 2011 Malibu has low profile tires and one needs to be changed it has the air traction control is there a special way it needs to be changed does a mechanic need to do it?

The question is related to a problem with a 2005 Malibu which we own since it was new. More than once, we have noticed that the -a sensor light reading- Engine repair now, would flash. We would repair it by replacing the gas cap. I need to find someone to verify this for me.

Gas tank cover. After a while you get a fix engine problem. Fix is get new gas cap. How many people have had this problem??
Is there still a valid recall.