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Can open from the outside, just not the inside. Went in to a Ford dealer for service, and there was no problem with it, got the truck back, had this problem.
All locks are working, and no other door is affected by this issue.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
No problems, just maintenance
When driving I'm going up an incline the transmission cannot decide whether to stay in the same gear or shift down so it goes back and forth until you accelerate
The brakes on my Edge failed. Called the dealer and the brake booster was replaced. Immediately out of the shop, when pressing the brake pedal it made a low "thunk" noise although brakes seem to work fine. Went back to the dealer, they put in another brake booster, but the noise is still there. Dealer says that all the replacement boosters do this. I am concerned. At the very least it is an annoying and worrying noise. Worst case - I live on a very steep hill, with a very sharp corner. Missing it puts me in the ocean if my brakes fail!
While operating the Ford Edge 2016, the driver at speeds of over 40 mph can hear a noise coming from the passenger window area. It does not appear to be the window because I have put the window up and down numerous times. I have also taken it to the dealer who (of course) cannot hear the noise.
car can not be turned on and still have headlights and interior lights come on for several minutes before turning themselves off. this sometimes happens several times in 1 day
Bought a new left over 2017 Ford Edge. It has just flipped 1000 miles. After short trips of 25 miles or less, I put this vehicle in my garage. I smell gas fumes for several days. One would think I'd spilled some gas but that is not the case. There are no leaks. These gas fumes are strong enough that they actually seep into my attached breezeway. I'm very concerned that some part of this vehicle isn't functioning correctly. Also fear for some kind of explosion! Can you help?
transmission has been rebuilt and ecm has been changed and reprogrammed vehicle will just bang, shifts good. Check everything any idea's
The new transmission had 9000 miles on it from a salvage 2012 edge. The transmission did not have any physical damage at all. I brought it to my local ford dealer to make the switched and ask if that was the right transmission which they said it was. After they put the transmission on the vehicle they could not program the module to the right ratio so they made me buy a new module. But after that it was still doing having the same problem. They said that the new transmission was not electronically compatible with the vehicle. I have never heard of a similar case before. Can this be? Can a transmission be really a fit in the car but not compatible electronically?
When outside of car, door is locked. i push unlock( on key) starter and it ulocks the locks again. so fast it wont stay unlocked. Unless opened from inside of car. Then door opens from outside of car but if locked again will not open.
it wont let me control the climate setting
There is no heat coming out, 2015 ford edge
Fan works, gauge seems normal
Window would not go back up. Could hear a motor in window. After several minutes of driving window went up
And there it is staying! Also window locks do. It seem to be working.
The front brakes sound like they are howling when you apply them when you back up, Why?
Has no power at all completely no lights nothing
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