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When going 60 mph, it sounds like leaves rustleing coming from the vent. At 75 mph it is really loud. This is a 2015 Ford Edge Titanium. Thank you for your help.
the lights are quite bright and horn working very well. keyless entry. There is powerin the dashboard
I had my 2011 Ford Edge Limited sit a while and I tried the code on the door to find out it’s dead. My fob is inside the vehicle and out of options.
I was thinking of locating the starter to hook up a battery charger but I can’t locate the starter. I was also thinking of hooking on to the alternator but also found it difficult from underneath the car.
Any ideas ???
When I turn the key to the start position Te ignition lights do not come on. There is no indication of power in the dash. The interior lights come on, the dtrl comes on and horn sounds good so I know it is not a battery issue.
My heater is blowing cold air on driver's side and hot air on passenger side
Happens when wheel is turned to left
Occurs all the time
When vehicle is idle, ac gets warm. When vehicle moving, cool air
My car was tested and said i needed to replace my cooling fan so i had them replace it but it is still overheating
Drove around town Walmart, grocery store car wash. Came home turned off motor then went to start 10 minutes later. Just Click Click Click replaced starter and battery and checked fuses. Vehicle won’t start. Can get it to turn over if two screwdrivers are put together with solenoid and starter but won’t stay running.
I was told that I have to replace the entire drive shaft however its only the center bearing that is bad so I wanted to know if the entire thing needs replaced or just the bearing?
A/C problem, with A/C on moniter shows 16* C on both drivers & pass side, driver vent blowing cold, but pass blowing hot, would a temp sense be shot.
Ac blow hot on driver side and cold in passagenger side
during the summer i noticed while running the air conditioning was on it would make a weird noise when make a turn (left turn) while driving then all the sudden it just stop working all together nothing coming out. then i tired the heater the other day and it doesn't blow either. so im thinking fan but im not sure???
When I press on the gas pedal and rev up the engine, it whines. Had it had the Ford garage today and they heard the noise, but could not find anything. They checked lines, etc.
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