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Vibration on passenger side

the calendar is set one day later than the actual date

When I shift to reverse it notices the change go to drive and nothing just acts like it is in neutral.

2nd problem- door ajar light keeps coming on and bell sounding off with the - shift into park indicator light? My vehicle ha over 55000 miles and it recently stated doing this, please advise how to fix this because it's obviously a fault in Ford side.

What can I do to unlock it so I can start it

I give moderate to normal pressure to the gas pedal to accelerate and it revs up 2000 rpms just to shift to the next gear

When I start car it says calculating on dashboard screen

ive replaced the thermostat and the fan andi worked great for 6 months then after a oil change it started overheating again and thefan wasnt kicking on and when i added waterin the coolent it started to not overheat but that only lasted a few days now my car wont start and the battery isnt dead cause the lights come on but wont run people say its the moter but i need to know if i need a whole new engine

There is a leak near the Rack and pinion connection

Already had new filler tube put on and sensor on top of the motor replaced. The vechicle runs great but after the light comes on a few times then the check engine light comes on too.

U turn it on and it's doesn't blow out air or heat
U can hear it trying to engage but doesn't run
Any solutions

It want Stop blowing .take key out and it want stop

My car started to over heat and the check engine light came on. I did an OB2 sensor check and a code came out. it was indicating a Problem with the "Thermostat" so I started to work on it and when I opened up the part where the Thermostat goes I saw that my car did not have a thermostat.. I just bought it in an Action. but now that I kind of fix it, It does not sound good its shaking to muck when I Revit over 2,000 RPMS.. what can I do?

It sounds like a canning lid pop.....or paint can lid....tinney

I can feel heat when I turn on hot air but nothing blows

Happens about 4-5 times within a hour time

The air is blowing hot on the passenger side in the rear of the car also. only the driver side is blowing cold air

I'm having problems with my Ford Edge 2013 and I have just changed the cartelise and the car doesn't move as it's suppose to, and it make a sound when I put the gear shift to D or R

So I was in stop and go traffic this morning on my way to work like usual when I stopped and then as I started to go again it took the car a min to realize it was first tapping on the gas and then when I did start to accelerate, the car wouldn't shift out of first gear. I had to pull off know the side of the highway, turn the car off and turn it back on and then it shifted fine... Thoughts? Is the transmission going? Thoughts on cost? Thanks in advance!

I have changed Master Cylinder and bled the wheels but still have the problem read on line could be power boyster, was a recalled on the Edge but not mine

car is riding a little low for an AWD car as compared to when i bought it in 09.

I new a new hub assembly put in my 09 ford edge on drivers side of an AWD.

not blowing hot air at all when turn on!

Just replace engine

when heater is on the driver side air vents blow cold air and the right side vents blow hot air

I have 60,000 miles on the Edge. Air conditioner is working fine. I literally turned on the heat today when I noticed it would only blow out cold air.

I notice a service engine sign blinking on my dash board and I use a code scanner which showed code (P0446),I met a dealer which fixed the canister purge valve with new one but after the second day, the sign was still showing with the code (P0446).
please what do you suggest will be the problem, after I have changed the purge valve with new.?

My Edge has keyless entry and start. Sometimes when I get in the car and start it up, a warning comes on saying "No Key Detected." The car starts, but why does it tell me this?

When I am driving on the highway I turn off the Brake Assist setting and Collision Warning because I don't like it. However, I notice when I drive above 55mph, the car will randomly brake, even with no other cars around. It will slam on the brakes, and it will even send a warning message saying, "Collision Warning Not Available." Why is it doing this? And what can be done?

Change the battery and now the air conditioning want come on