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2014 ford edge
grinding sounds from rear brakes, worsened quickly
checked when I got home, both rear rotors and rear pads destroyed
both rear calipers seem to be stuck out
How long have you had this problem? heard light sounds intermittenly for several months but looked ok on inspection
The screen by the ac where you turn it on. It's also underneath the radio in the middle. How do I fix it? Please help. My ac works its just my screen I can see anything anymore.
I have a gauge manifold hooked up. The low side presure is 110 psi and the high pressure is 75psi. i had to bypass the relay to get the compressor to engage and when the compressor engaged the pressures didn't change.
Blowing hot air but can't recharge freon.
hot air blowing on driver side and cold air on passenger side
The auto door latch also does not work.
Replaced a evaporator and put everything back together and turned key and all sounds and lights work,just won't start
Want to put in rearview mirror w/camera for safety purposes. Does my edge have an "active battery" I can plug into so camera stays active when I turn my car off? I know Mazda has a 12 volt active battery.
When in auto climate control and the air conditioning is working cool air blows on the drivers side but the passenger side blows very hot air.
When I start out it is fine but after driving 20 mins or so it isn't cold any longer / the next day same thing especially if it is a long distance
water leaks on floor on both sides when air conditioner is running.and fan make noise.
I've been having problems with it I think it's been the tranny or something under my car was making a loud clicking noise someone by the tires then my car start locking up not wanting to go forward but would reverse now it's clinking and grinding really loud and don't want to go forward or backwards is that the tranny or the Driveline I've already had two axle change that I've had hella work done to it somebody please help me I can't afford this no more there's so many issues going on with that car please I'm begging somebody help me this isn't like I said so expensive is so hard I've been trying to do stuff for myself and I don't know what to do anymore I still owe $9,000 on this car I got it for $15,000 a year and half ago man
When I turned on my car today and turned the air conditioner on the driver side blew very hot air and the passenger side blew cold air
It jerks while driving
When I turned off car at home, some white smoke was coming out of one pipe with the burning smell. It's an original stock part from Ford.
When driving at higher speed air will blow cold
Drove my car the night before the next day all accessory lights come on accessories come on but it doesn't turn over I'm stumped
It's never done this before. Just started today.
Window on the driver side is not clearing up
AC was working fine, yesterday the driver side started blow super hot air instead of AC.
Also When this happens, front windows won't go down, but back windows are ok. Also the lift gate won't operate & the drivers lock/unlock button doesn't work. What would cause these intermittent, seemingly unrelated problems? Dealer has witnessed the problem but can't figure it out?
My ford edge del 2011 key won't lock or unlock my doors. I thought it was my key battery I changed it and nothing. I got my extra and the same thing it don't work.
Cold air one side hot air otherside
Yes, before anyone asks, the dual air settings are set properly. I was just rear ended and it was in the body shop for 3 weeks. As far as i know they didn't touch the engine or front of the car but I just picked it up and now it's blowing HOT air out the passenger side?
left baseball game and drove a couple miles in stop/go driving then got up on the freeway, then the engine lost power and the trans would jerk around till it was stopped. had elect. power thru this. after stopped I turned to motor off and everything mostly worked. transmission took some time to "remember" the shift points. this had happened once before, and I assume that the battery is good as it was replaced last summer?
This problem doesn't happen every time but when it does you continuously have to reset the dual air control on the passenger side to low.
We've tried freon twice. The first time it worked for about a couple days but hasn't worked since. The passenger side always blows good & cold and the back vents does off and on but the driver side is always warm and barely blows at all.
climate control button comes on by itself & has a clicking noise. Cannot turn button off when this happens. This has happened while using air conditioner mode
Looking to buy a Ford Edge SEL with the 3.5L engine. The owner says it's a code relevant to the camshaft or crankshaft sensor. He recommends replacing the timing chain belt and sensors and water pump. Any good advice on this situation or prices would be helpful

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