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The advance trac warning comes on along with the abs and traction control icons
My 2014 Ford Edge is about 51,000 km (about 32,000 miles).

A few weeks ago, the rear right brake was very much overheated and I can smell rubber burning. However, after I stopped and quickly checked then back to road, it was not overheated as before. When back to home, I found the rear left brake was totally worn out, and the rear left rotor was also worn. So I changed all brake pads and rear left rotor.

One day, after a 12 km driving, I found that the rear left brake was overheated and I can smell rubber burning. However, it was not overheated after I went to the road again. Meanwhile, both sides rear brakes were somewhat hotter than front brakes.

I understand that, normally the front brakes will take 70% effect while the rear brakes will take 30%. I thought that the problem might be the parking brake not fully released, even though I released it and confirmed there is no parking brake signal on the dashboard.
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Waterpump thermostat and all internal components were replacec end of february 2018 when water pump past week its overheated twice both times it was going down the road at freeway speed and started blowing warm air out of vents witha/c on and my husband heard some sort of flapping noise coming from the area behind the glove box....this is similar to what it did right before water pump went out in february.....not sure if shop that did the work did something wrong or not replacing parts that theyre charging for cause weve had $5000 worth of work between this vehicle and my husbands truck in last 2 months and husbands truck is at another shop now as well for something this shop supposedly repaired 2 months ago
My 2009 Ford Edge A/C only blows cold air out the passenger side vents, what will cause this problem?
I have a set of new tires that are 245/70R16 106 and would like to put them on my edge 2013, presently have 245-60R 18 105. Can I do that if I can find a 16 inch rim?
My 2013 Ford Edge has a c0040A code, how soon should this be fix?
When slowing or coming to a stop, I can smell a faint odor in the cabin. It smells like propane.
It happens like once a week. I turn it on, and it seems like if it’s going to turn on, but all of a sudden it doesn’t turn on. The battery is not dead.
My suv won’t pass smog and the guy told me to drive it around , I got it tested again after driving 100 miles and it still didn’t pass and then he told me it’s a computer system issue within the car .. Could it be the system they are using to test the car ? I’ve read that it could be newer for the vehicle and it should be the older system ?
My brakes are either really sponges or very hard. So I did a brake boost check on them and there’s about an inch and a quarter play in the brakes the fluids have been changed in the lives and the problem still existed. Since the brake boost check and the fluid change now when the pedal is pressed down and it goes further than normal there is a chirping noise from the brakes and there is no leaking anywhere.
The air conditioner is blowing out hot air on the passenger side but cold air as it is supposed to on the drivers side.
Overheating and AC blows hot only while ideling. Once accelerating temp returns to normal and air is cold again. I read your response to others and am wondering what is included in the fan assembly
Not running
I am looking for the exhaust manifold torque specs for 2012 ford edge.
engine just stopped & won't start
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