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My car was tested and said i needed to replace my cooling fan so i had them replace it but it is still overheating
Drove around town Walmart, grocery store car wash. Came home turned off motor then went to start 10 minutes later. Just Click Click Click replaced starter and battery and checked fuses. Vehicle won’t start. Can get it to turn over if two screwdrivers are put together with solenoid and starter but won’t stay running.
I was told that I have to replace the entire drive shaft however its only the center bearing that is bad so I wanted to know if the entire thing needs replaced or just the bearing?
A/C problem, with A/C on moniter shows 16* C on both drivers & pass side, driver vent blowing cold, but pass blowing hot, would a temp sense be shot.
Ac blow hot on driver side and cold in passagenger side
during the summer i noticed while running the air conditioning was on it would make a weird noise when make a turn (left turn) while driving then all the sudden it just stop working all together nothing coming out. then i tired the heater the other day and it doesn't blow either. so im thinking fan but im not sure???
When I press on the gas pedal and rev up the engine, it whines. Had it had the Ford garage today and they heard the noise, but could not find anything. They checked lines, etc.
No noise. A.C. blows out on side hot out the other?
i was dropped off this morning for work and let my mom keep my truck. it was driving fine this morning. it was jerking a little but its been doing that for weeks now. My mom called me at my job and informed me that both the steering wheel and ignition are not turning and she has been trying for almost an hour to wiggle the steering wheel and key .
The heat does not come on shows hi but blows only cold air
I just got my wife a 2014 Edge. She informed me that when she turns the defrost on, she gets warm air on the driver's side, but not on the passenger side.
I bought my Ford edge 2009 SEL a month or so ago with no issues. I've since noticed that the censor display has gone from 13.2 litres per 100km to 11.5 litres per 100km. each journey it drops slightly. Why is this? Is it the fuel I'm using?
Can't here comp . start
Nothing more to add.
cool air only comes from the driver side no heat
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