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I have a P0306 code what would it cost to fix?
I was on the highway and felt the engine misfire and the check engine light came on.

I did change the battery
Problem just started. Every now and then the Low Oil Pressure light turns on. I had the oil changed on the car. I took it to the dealer, they could not replicate the same symptoms and found diagnostic issues.
Out of the blue my air conditioner will just stop. It will not blow any air and nothing on the touch screen will make it start. It will begin to work on it own a little while later. This can happen while it is on or I can start the car and it will not be working but will start working a little while later. The dealership can not figure it out. They do not get any error codes from the air conditioner. My backup camera has also started having problems. When the backup camera is working it will show the picture upside down. Sometimes it will not show any picture at all. Could these two problems be caused by the touch screen itself?
Had upgrade done to module, but still with same problems.
Wat can I do???, Tried all the "reset" tricks but nothing working
happens when I have heat on to stay warm
Does the 2013 Ford Edge have an illuminated glove box? Never had lights in box at night.
Sitting at light- car alarmed shift to park. Heat came unable to turn off. No lights would work including hazard. Then unable to shift car out of Park Car would not shut off even with key removed. Had to disconnect fuel fuse and battery to shut car off
Hearing nothing blower working
While driving down the road I will hear a loud clicking coming from the back wheel on the passenger side. The clicking gets faster when I accelerate and stops when I apply the brakes, even lightly. I've had it looked at no less than four times - they've replaced the brake pads and ground down the rotors. Each time I bring it in, they are unable to hear the noise or duplicate the problem. It doesn't make the noise all of the time and I can't pinpoint any common denominator for when it does happen. I once drove straight to the dealership when the noise started. Had the guy come for a ride with me - no noise! I will also sometimes hear the noise when I go over bumps in the road. So frustrated.
The coming from the drivers side is hot while that of the passengers side is cold
Same problem tried everything online
I need to pull the hub off my front tire assembly which direction does the nut turn left or right for removal
When going 60 mph, it sounds like leaves rustleing coming from the vent. At 75 mph it is really loud. This is a 2015 Ford Edge Titanium. Thank you for your help.
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