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Okay so the little strap that was holding my fast tank up rusted away I already ordered the part to replace it and need a good temporary fix to hold it up what would the best temp fix be so I can get to work
200 saturn lsi
I bouught the car for 2500 a year ago and i put a new alternator, valve cover gasket, oil change, tune up with wires into car. Is it worth spending 1800 more for complete engine reseal or get rid of it?
My son needs to drive car back and forth to work. his job starts tomorrow 15 miles away from home.
The auto store has a tie rod tool kit but, the three adapters are too small or big.
Just replace injectors. Runs the same. No water in fuel. Changed fuel filter. The Backing the car out of the garage the peddal is on the floor to get it to move very fast. Driving it back into the garage, the power assist brakes don't seem to work.I'm thinking, ign. module or maybe catalyic convertor. Car feels like the whole thing is being choked to death.
what do i check next
I usually fill my tank when its half full
I would like to know how musch does it cost to repair/replace rear brakes on a Saturn LS1 with labor
with car off and head lights off headlights remain on? why
Car was running fine and then suddenly the check engine light comes on. The car immediately lost power, only getting up to around 25 mph on a flat road and 5 mph up hill. The catalytic converter was glowing cherry red and the car almost had a burning rubber smell to it. Friend hooks his tester to the car, and it only throws off a PO300 code. We have replaced the spark plugs, ignition module and the ignition coil. What else could it possibly be? Could the converter be clogged or could it be that front O2 sensor before the converter? The car has a full tank of 93 octane in it. The car will start up fine, but the engine has a vibration and a go cart sound to it now. This car has run perfect up until that happened. It has right around 115,000 miles on it. I can not afford to tow it out to the Gm dealership and then pay $100 just to hook it up to their computer, so I am really trying to repair it at home. Thanks.
Recently, I have noticed that when I am driving my 2000 Saturn LS1 on the highway, there is a slight shake that I can feel in the steering wheel. I do not notice this when driving around town at lower speeds.
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