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changed my battery radio showing radio code if i push the volume knob in and the band button in radio works but keeps changing speakers
Cold air is coming out vents, doesn't sound or feel like the fan is even on. Temperature display only works on passenger side. Have checked all fuses. Tried looking it up on utube but no luck.
Gas gauge reads empty when tank is full. How to repair and is it expensive?
The passenger seat in my saab convertible 9-3 2003 will only recline so far back before making a clicking noise. The seat is controlled by power, it can move in all the other directions. But can only get to about an 90 degree angle. I took the seat out the gears appear intact.

I have a Saab 9-5 2011 that has a problem that my dealer seems to be unable to address. From time to time, when I depress the brake pedal and then release it, the pedal does not retract to its original position. This does not happen all the time, but when it does, I have to pull with my foot on the brake pedal in order to release the brakes. The dealer has changed the master cylinder and the brake fluid, but the problem continues to persist. I noticed that this problem is more likely to occur if I go backwards. I also noticed that if I park my car, turn off the engine, and pump the brakes, the problem disappears for a couple of days. Does anyone have any idea what else can my mechanic look at in order to address this issue? This is quite frustratingThank you for any helpful advice that anyone can offer.
How long have you had this problem? A couple of months.
pump warrantied so got a second one still power steering fluid is leaving reservoir and engine oil rises. No fluid in rack and pinion boots, power steering works for less than a minute, no leaks.
Lowbeams and one break light not working and not the bulbs. I did notice the fuse was burnt. Put in another and within a couple of weeks that was burnt.
several hairline cracks along bumper
front and back seat are blowing heat.
SID on top of dash is not lit up. It is a black screen as if power is off. Im not sure what or where a fuze would be
I am getting a check engine light
Stereo is not working either
Does the amp1 effect windows and sunroof as well as the stereo?
my mechanic cannot find the code. Stability Control failure is what the car reads.
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