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My tachometer doesn’t work it just goes wherever it wants. My speedometer doesn’t go lower than 7 mph even when the car is stopped and in park and my turbo meter only goes about a quarter of the way down. Could it be an electrical issue and if so which fuse controls these? Also the lock button on the inside of the drivers door only works when the door is closed.
Only when the A/C is turned on, is there a squeak under the hood. Is it possible the squeak is from a belt? Not sure but it is coming from the middle of the engine area near the belts. What needs to be done to stop the squeak?
The squeak just started a couple days ago. It is coming from the center of the engine area under the hood. Is there an A/C belt that might be the problem? How soon should the squeak be fixed?
1997 saab 900s 2.3l
I am getting a steering lock malfuntion when it put the key in the ignition and it will not turn at all. I have replaced the ignition switch the battery and the key fob battery with no results. I also disconnected the fuse and reconnected it because i read that would reset it but again no results. What could it be?
Light comes on and alarm sounds

Car starts and drives fine, but door locks no longer work with remote.
Gas gauge reads empty when tank is full. How to repair and is it expensive?
Lowbeams and one break light not working and not the bulbs. I did notice the fuse was burnt. Put in another and within a couple of weeks that was burnt.
Does the amp1 effect windows and sunroof as well as the stereo?
my mechanic cannot find the code. Stability Control failure is what the car reads.
Wheb the turn signal switch is in the right position no turn signal comes on. When the turn signal switch is in any other position the left one is on
i tried to accelerate ;car stalled then after started ran as before.I now am fearful to travel far as it may just crap out.
shop plugged it in it stopped the light. moved seat forward light came back on. went to plug it in and connector looks broken
The customer bring me the car with the heater blower motor bypassed was asking to have it repaired oe speck I have power to all the heater controls but nothing going to the blower motor
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