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My air conditioning isn’t working. The A/C select button flashes three times and then shuts off. Does the sensor need to be replaced or is It going out?
when you are driving it act like its hesitate like it dont want to pick up speed and then it drives real smooth
everything else works like defroster.
signal lights left and right turn work when being used, hazard lights work, they all blink except no clicking sound.
You could could hear the air cuting in a out in low and eventually no air comes out from the vents. However if a put it in (the blower speed) it take some time blow but it eventually blows, then a put on low speed and it will last for a little bit and then again no air coming out of the vents
my air conditioning works but one side blows warm air on left side and the other blows cool air, on the right side
Do I need it repair or do I just need Freon ,
What seems to make the problem better or worse? !!
How long have you had this problem? A month now
Put a new alternator on truck won't turn over our make any noise so I went got a new battery and it still won't turn over but before I changed the alternator and battery it could be jumpstarted
I purchased a cabin air filter at Autozone that is supposed to be for a 2008 Saturn XR AWD, but when I looked behind the glove box, there is no cover that releases with latches. Instead, the "cover" is held in place with screws. Before I go to the effort of trying to pull this apart (the screws are very unhandy to take out), is there anything behind this cover?
Can't find the battery.
it wil not turn over
My vehicle cut off in the middle of driving due to low oil no smoke or leakages
I got this car about 5 months ago and I told the man who sold us it the car need to be service to have the rotors done I noticed a clicking noise when you started the engine I asked him to have it serviced I was driving home today and I could not put the car in Drive reverse the bad part about it as was I have a newborn in the car only 3 weeks old and was stranded on the highway for over 3 hours and then there was a recall on the vehicle will be never got the Carfax on this vehicle from the dealership what would be the best suggestion to do
The transmission is stuck in 2nd gear and they are going to fix it and they also recommend a transmission flush. Is it good for the transmission cause they said the fluid was burnt or should I just get a transmission change?
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