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I started right back up no problem,,car didn't over heat nothing ,no lights came on the dash nothing.
I thought because I have a lot of keys on my key chain maybe., (If my other keys hit the ALARM PAD ) would that shut my car off on me ??? Also this is the 1st time it happen to me. I only have 38,798 miles on car ...please help me

Out of no where wouldn't start
When driving & come 2 stop when accelerate very weak then becomes mostly sluggish take off
my car's timing chain broke , and someone told me that when it breaks the motor will break too.
My car is acting funny! Earlier in the day while "parked" the car went silent. Tried to turn it over... The car "tried" to start but wouldn't. So, I thought it needed gas. My bf went to get gas, came back and put enough gas in to get me to the gas station. Got there.. Filled her up! Tried to turn the car on, same thing! Car "tried" to start. This happened twice later on the same day! Now.The check engine light is on! Finally! Got the car to go! Went to a store called "auto zone" and had them hoop up their computer to my car to see what the hell was going on! (Oh! on my way to the store, when my car went to shift, it's automatic. It was shifting hard and bucking) Auto zone printed me out this! Cylinder 4 misfire (I knew about that), Ignition coil #5,Random misfire,engine speed circuit low/no signal, neutral position (PNP) switch circuit fault. The guy at the store said the misfire can cause the other codes! But the last 2 codes i listed won't cause the misfire! So he suggested to fix the misfire. Ok! Yeah I can do that, and buy the parts! I just had the car int he shop 1 month and 9 days ago. They replaced #6 coil because it was misfiring! It's weird because coils 1,3,5 are in the back. Coils 2,4,6 are in the front and they take these long coil packs! 2 hours after my car came out of the shop $1,100 dollars later the check engine light went on. The shop had my car for 1 week and 1 day. I knew about the #4 misfire because i brought it to "Auto Zone" but my bf put that mystery oil stuff in the gas when i filled up, and 2 days later the engine light went off, so the the bf thought that maybe the gunk came off. My car had been sitting previously for about 2 almost 3 yrs and needed some work done to it, so it would pass inspection! I know the 6 spark plugs were NOT replaced, which I have no clue why. Just my friend spoke of a part i forgot the name. I guess it's near my transmission and the part is like 200$s new it's the labor that's going to get me! If I fix the misfire what's my chance the "bucking" will stop? or is that something different? My car is 15 yrs old, and has 149,7-something miles on it. And she still looks good a little rust here and ther nothing noticeable
HELLPPPP PLEASE?!! I'm a woman and i get screwed over because of my gender... I have put sooo much $ into this car and the $300 i had saved up for my daughters bday in may, shes turning 3 went into the car. Which we alllllll need it! But,I had to start from rock bottom saving up for my daughters birthday
The odometer was at approximately 125,000 miles and then suddenly jumped to more than 694,000 miles. The odometer is now stuck at 694,978 miles. How to repair the problem?

Front passenger door handle broken inside but is still attached. It cannot open the door. How to install a replacement door handle?

Right rear door lock will not unlock automatically using electronic controls. No other problems with the door. How to repair the problem?
... and front wheel drive. Not sure but I think a dashboard sensor comes on when it's empty but I want to see how low it is before it becomes empty. Thanks.
The engine is good but when I stop it trembles a bit. It also makes noise not a lot so I thought it was the muffler n took it to a muffler shop they said it didn't need replacing .any ideas, or is this car known to make noise not loud but some.
once in a while a service light comes on that has a wrench next to it then my car shifts hard. and its not the service engine light
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