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Freind of mine tightened the belt with the tensioner for timing but did not take belt of. Is it still in time?
Aftermarket radio
When i start my car the hole that looks like a plug belongs there at the bottom of the bell housing pours out motor oil when it turns on
We're there any repair solutions that can prevent the tensioner or idler pulley from failure? For instance, replacing with stronger hardened heat treat steel bolts and perhaps a stronger OEM or aftermarket pullys and avoid this catastrophic engine failure possibility? Also, any solutions to the wiring problems associated with this year?
Just bought 2 new rims and 16s for front end , now realize I only have a half inch of space , if I get 15s on the rims will that give me more room or should I tighten the suspension, or what should I do , please help
I want ALOT more power...less electrical issues and a much better car.
There is no noise it comes on it does not cool the car or heat.
We just bought a used 2001 Cadillac Catera base model, After purchase we hear this car is German made and basically a flop of a car for cadillac, parts are hard to fine, repairs are pricey, etc. We are trying to fix on our own, but can't find any info about how to replace, etc. Only info we get online is regarding the Cadillac CTS which replaced the Catera made from 1997-2001 Any suggestions?
Not here for mechanical problems, but here are some details about the car itself:
V6 3.0L Engine
4 Speed Automatic
Has Rear Spoiler and Sunroof
I got in my car this morning to go to work and my power steering stop working and car is very hard to turn the wheel ... What could be the problem
I have 98 catera with bose system and want to put it in 2001 catera..
The 01 does not have the bose or cd player.can you help. Will it function normally
engine cranks,try's to start runs really ruff then dies and won't start, come back the next day fires up and runs great
When door open it stops,then begin when driving.
car runs 30 minutes then shut off. restart few minutes.. what think is wrong?
I've encountered this same issue to where radio, trunk, or gas door will not open. Checked all fuses, etc. Pulled the module from under the dash and it looks fine to me. What part should be resoldered?
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