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My name is Jen I drive a 2009 Chevy aveo 5 Lt. My tail break lights were recently replaced, when I step on the breaks the other break lights go on however the left break light goes off. What could the problem be?

Another problem is the shifter lights I noticed that they go in and out and flicker when I go over bumps what could that problem be?

How much would it cost to fix in Michigan
to remove front hub to change out front bearings.
It starts easily in the morning.
I checked pressure. Added oil and recharged. You can hear it Trying to start about every 5 minutes but doesnt. I checked connections, did not see anything unhooked. Blowing hot air and idle does change when it tries to start
I've replaced spark plugs, coil pack, throttle body, fuel pump, MAF Sensor, Upstream O2 sensor, none of which changed the performance above 2500 rpm. also attempted to reset LHM by removing cables from battery and holding them together for 10 seconds. No change in performance above 2500 rpm. Please help!
I know I pushed it once and hold lit up on dash. I was told it was to keep the wheels from spinning in winter weather but I don't think that is true.Please help thank youOHit has never came on unless it is pushed one time so far
My chevy aveo 5 has its check engine light on. I tried checking and tightening the gas cap but the light is still on.
The car drives ok.
No warning lights come on in the dash
The noise comes when the engine is warmed up and while the air condition goes on and off automatically; while getting accelerated from idle speed and switching back to idle speed. two new adjuster pulleys have been replaced but the noise is still there. Is that noise harmless or is there a chance to get the drive belt broken again?
The gas pump kept shutting off after every second or two. I was told it could be the purge valve? did code scans which indicated a problem with the fuel vapor canister.
Could someone possibly tell me what the possibilities are?
Aveo 5 Lt 2009.second mo I owned it. blown head gasket. 3 RD mo struts/ bushings. Then oil leak.. flex pipe broke.. rear wheel bearings went out.. 02 sensors went.. thermostat needed .. replaced a . Ignition coil corroded.. replaced.. throttle repair. Thermostat housing leak around hoses and housing.. today was the clunking noise... eveyr time you ran over a hair line crack on the road. Now it needs sway bars.. what a joke this car has turned out to be.. GM should have recall on the whole car..this all within 3 years.. Sequel off the MONEY PIT with Tom Hanks.. monthly repairs is wrote on check memo on my check to shop.. you continue to look in your rearvw mirror to see if your leaving a part trail like bread crumbs so not to lose your way...Auto shop now serves you coffee with your hint of cream at the door upon your arrival.. and calls you by first name.. I HATE MY CAR. !!!!!!
key left on battery dead, charged battery, security light now flashing, no start, have done 10 min and 30 min recovery, still no start,, changed ECM and passlock module
no start, no codes showing ,shift solenoid not working. fuel pump good ,coils good, injectors good, dealer wants to try changing everything,,I want to know if there is a bypass for the security system to allow the car to start
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