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Power to the cluster but no click no start.
My battery completely died, and after replacing, my radio/stereo control unit is not working. It is asking for a code. Where do I get that code?
When "eps" displays - no power steering
sounds like upper part of engine. Engine never touched other than main. and 1 valve adj. @ 60K feels sluggish. Looking for a trustworthy person to work on this car in Knoxville tn area. thanks
the wheel bearing was replaced and the ABS warning light was on ever since then
As I made a turn, heard a popping noise. Now I notice the front left wheel/tire is bowed outward and the car makes a grinding noise as if something metallic is being dragged. I think it is something to do with the suspension -- need to figure out where to take it
Been buying Michelin...what else is out there that would be good to help prevent hydro-planing. I live in the desert and tires go quickly.
Check engine lite has been on for 2 years with a heavy smell of gas.
Cost of needless repairs....many thousands of dollars
New gas cap...10$
Advice from all of you on this site....PRICELESS!!!!
Thanks to all of you for your advice..
I did as told and went to AutoZone,the code is P1457. They told me this is evap emmisions control system leak and the first thing to try is a new gas cap. $9.99 cents later and i no longer smell far! I have a friend who will turn off the check engine light tomorrow. Thanks all of you for your help. 2k worth of mechanics couldnt figure this out. i appreciate all of you for your help!
Also a strong smell of gas when starting the car.
I can't seem to find anyone who knows how to work on my s2000 in Santa Fe. Not even the dealership! Any thoughts?
so, I have to replace…
- front bumper
- left side fender
- left side headlight fixture and light

Also, there is Left side axle damage to the wheel (wheel is bent inward)

But the engine is GREAT it only has less than 6,000 miles on it, it wasn't driven a lot. Would it be a good idea to get it fixed or junk it? The repairs seem to be (by the look of it) around 4-5 grand.

Advice please
They haven't worked for a while...
I had the AC evacuatd and recharged last year.
They found no leaks. It started to get a little warm as the temp in AZ got hot. This year it was fine until 2 days ago. I went to turn it on and nothing. I added freon per instructions on DIY kit. Compressor turned on but it never got cold. Is there a part that might need replacing? The car has a 128k miles on it.There are no noises, whistles or loose nuts except for the one holding the steering wheel:)
Thanks for your help
Detailed information on replacing the air conditioner blower motor in my 2003 Honda S2000.
At what mileage should a timing belt be replaced?
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