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upon starting car it makes a rumbling shaky noise and goes away immediately. Happened yesterday for the first time If it is spark plugs and wires what is cost to replace them.
I know the wheel bearings need to be replaced. I want to know if both left and right are the same when I need to change them
04 status SXT
It is a Mitsubishi engine

Is my car non interference ? Is there a quick way to see if valves etc shot .

Trans 03
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I put a new starter and battery in cleaned battery cables checked fuses what else can I do?
I am stuck I've replaced shift sensor and all solenoids and all the other modules relays and still will not go into any gear
Hi I have a 2006 dodge stratus sxt sedan and I need to change front tires the ones in there say P205/60r15 but when I looked up my car it says I need p205/60r16. Should my car have the 16s?
i pulled fuel line and its getting fuel to the rail,could it be the injectors?
Does it need two or four wheel alingment
i keep getting 0bd2 codes p0700 and p0725 but i have replace both the tcm and the input/output speed sensors also have fixed the wiring to some parts and replaced the battery and shift soloniod but i cant get my car to shift or get those codes to stop coming back
2002 Dodge Stratus RT 3.0 Litre V6
Car won't start. Was working fine, went to start it one day and nothing. No power to anything. No dome light, dash lights, no key buzzer. Next day it started fine and ran for days with no issue. I noticed that while I drove it the dash power was flickering. Lights on and off as well as the speedometer. Now it won't start again. Tried to jump it, checked battery connections and they were good. What could be causing this?
My cruise control stays on continually can not shut it off and cruise control will not engage any suggestions would be helpful
Will not start has good lights and battery
Recently my right rear wheel was hot and I smell a burning odor. Then it was okay now it did it again. I was driving and there was a sound like the was a rough road surface and a vibration near the driver door window? Wheel was hard to move when I lifted that side. After it cooled off it became free to turn again. I was told by a person at work in a repair shop the emergency brake might have got stuck do you think that is possible? It seems to work just fine although I usually set the brake and it is set all day at work?
I'm trying to take starter off my 96 stratus an guy it on my 95 but I can't find where it's at on my 96
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