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idles good rev it up a few times and car dies

Steady display.

The bulb has been changed but still no contact. All other lights work. The brake light on the passehger side is not working but the tail light is real bright and it is a new bulb.

Engine won't crank or start

2 read .4 ohms, 2 read 300 ohms

Car over heating

the belt broke while my frriend was driving home from work would like to know how to put it in and the timeing marks are at

My cars gear shift isnt locking into a specific gear. I can move it from "D"rive to "N"eutral while driving & vise versa. Also, my gear shift won't go to the "L" shift AT ALL! -
- My AC turns on and than doesn't blow cold air a few mins later than again it will come on sometimes staying on others not. & its sporadic throughout the day.

1999 Dodge Stratus 2.0 Liter Engine ,Base Model. Car crank's over but will no start. Changed the Map Sensor , Changed Crank Sensor , Checked the Serpentine Belt in great condition made sure it was lined up on the mark, Car has plenty of fuel pressure 50lbs, Checked Spark plugs and changed Spark plug wires. Changed Crank Sensor, Engine Compression is great 150 lbs on all cylinders.. New Coil. Put fuel down the throttle body and vehicle won't start. Checked EGR valve , took off new catalytic converter and would not start and got no back pressure. 2 week old oxygen sensors. All rubber hoses for vacuum okay. Old Fart Driving it 1960's Mechanic. What's the Problem !?!.

Starts fine,once I try to press gas it starts hesatating and runs rich,and shuts off

New timing belt waterpump cam/crank sensors plugs wires and coil

For some time now my stratus has been throwing the battery light. I have tested the alternator and its good. Then today im driving and all of a sudden my car loses power then starts sputtering and died. Tried starting it until the battery died. It seemed like it wanted to start but wouldnt.

also has a slight rough idle when fully warmed up.Here is what I have allready replaced. Fuel pump, IAC valve ,Evap purge valve, plugs ,plug wires, cap and rotor, TPS, EGR valve and the EGR. Also has new timming belt.

Stalls and restarts

Car ran good then got in a wreck minor body damage left front and right rear. now the car won't shift into gear? All gears are like it's in neutral except park

I go so far and then it blows the crank sensor then it will shut the car off and I have to put another crank sensor in it and a start but it I go so far and it will blow it again

my abs light indicator is on

Run on Mobil-1 Synthetic oil. Gas is ARCO 87. Car does not have MAF to clean.

What causing my car to jerk when I first get and it to drive.and then its as I drive it, it starts to smooth out then.

I try starting it dash lights up i hear clicking in relays but starter dosent turn or anything i have switched them out changed the starter and its a 3 month old key switch any idea what else would do it and the battery is good

Trying to find out if any one no where the oil is coming from

My car cranks but won't start

marks are lined up cams and crank ,back together tried to start and its like i never changed it ,it just whirled over tried to hit just a couple of times, is there something im missing,all torn down for the second time resetting the timing again, need help thanks

but does not do it all of the time. could be ball joints or something else trying to get a opinions thanks you.

So I turned off my car and tried to turn it back on and it won't start

When I do get my car started it starts poping and cracking and I go to put it in drive it wants to die so I give it gas and it has no horse power to push it's self down the road could it be my timing jumped?

shoot in to the head and it will run and then you put them back in and it want run

where my air charge temp sensor is located at on my car

It happens all the time while driving