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Turned key engine started to turn over then nothing would happen when I turned the key.changed the starter relay that lasted a day or two then went out again
My 00 stratus 2.4 ran out of gas, added gas wouldnt start. Beat on fuel tank it ran for couple days then nothing. Changed fuel pump n filter. Primed before tried to start Still no start. Cranks but wont start. Someone tried sprayig starter fluid to start but ended uo blowing air intake box up. Replaced that and still Cant even jump it. Can hear pump kick on, relays click, but not getting any fuel coming out schrader valve.. ASD relay clicks fuel pump relay clicks, no fuses are blown that i seen. Oil light stays on while trying to start.
My 2003 dodge strattus transmission makes a loud whining noise
It only unlocks from park to low gear then back to park then it unlocks
I have a 2001 stratus x vin with a rod knock. Will a 98 stratus x vin work as a replacement engine?
I have 2003 dodge stratus sxt two door I have replaced altnator even had the altnator tested before I put it in even put a new battery in my car, my car will stay running as long as its hooked up to jumper cables once I take the jumper cables off my car dies what could be the issue??? Plz help
I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus i just purchased used. After I got it, the horn would occasionally sound off on its own, and I could hear a clicking noise in the steering wheel. To shut it off, in the beginning, I would just press on the horn to turn it off, weird. Now, it just wouldn't stop until I unplugged the fuse in the fuse box on the inside of the car on the side of the dash.
Dodge has 120.000 miles water pump went out and found relitevaly fast. I found a shop that will replace water pump for about 500.
Found a kit for timing chains oil pump and water pump for 300 i want to know if trying to do it myself would be a bad idea as i am nowherre near a professional mechnic. Hiw long would my oil pump and chains have left if i just replaced water pump. And itsnt easier to put new chains on than to try amd line old ones back up. Basically do i wait it out and do all rn or would i be ok for long enough to find outside machnic or come up with thw money to do it all agian
chrysler stratus 2000 engine can not start after a very hard raining which cause the engine shut off in side the water ????
during my road to my office the road is completely filled with water, the level of the water was very high, during my crossing the road the car stopped and the engine shut off completely. I am asking what will be the damage in side the engine and over all the car system??the engine can not start . where is the problem???
Many Thanks in advance

I have a 2002 dodge stratus.
My car set for over a year un started and I just had a new motor put in it,
The radio will not turn on, the lights on the radio worked when I turned my headlights and I could hear my cd player making noise. I took my old radio out thinking it was so e thing in it broke and bought a new radio. I hooked up the Antena and power adapters correctly and hook the new radio up and it didn't turn on either. I got new fuses so I know they are good, I checked the owners manual for anti theft codes but did not see anything in it about that. Does anyone have aNY idea of what I could do ??
just need a legend to tell me more info about my 2000 dodge stratus since the cover for the fuse box is not there.
I had a new key made and programmed for my 2k stratus but the key doesn't disengage the alarm so I pulled the fuse for the horn but the headlights and done lights still flash it doesn't turn off when I turn the car off
hard to find the exact model transmission for my car
When the a/c is on water is on driver side floor board from front to back
Type of coolant for 1999 dodge stratus
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