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there is constant condensation in headlight.
HVAC display works just fine but the blower does not. I used to be able to have the passenger kick under the dash and it would come back on but that quit working. Also the trunk popper button quit working slowly, sometimes it would sometimes it wouldn't and one day it just stopped. Same with the lighters. If you could help me in any way I'd be greatful, thank you.
When I crank my car up it has rattling knocking type sound. And when I start my car and put it in reverse it sputters and shuts off so then I have to restart it.. what could this be
Happen when headlights on, battery light on and off water in lights 2003 mercury sable
My trunk pad just stopped working. Also upon buying my car heat element was broken. About a year later after repair it is broke again.
When I started car the stabilitrak light comes on.
When I put it in reverse the car jerks back violently.
How can I fix this?
The car makes a whirring low whining sound in park or drive.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? pressing accelerator
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
Was driving earlier today but now say battery saver on the dash
How long have you had this problem? First time
The fuel pump is coming on. I replaced the relay and water pump. There is a spark. New battery. It cut off when i was driving.
How long have you had this problem? A month ago
The blinkers just stopped working. But the hazard lights still work.
i bought my car a 2011 bucik regal CXL in Dec 2016 it now has about 125,600 miles on it, ive had to get three oils changes since i bought the car which i barely drive it enough to need that many oil changes. And now about two weeks ago i had to pay $2,700 for the transmission to be rebuild. It drove fine for about an hour after i left the shop. All of the sudden my check engine light comes back on and now im told i have to pay to get the timing chair and motor replaced. I'm now $10,000 in debt for a car i have only had for a few months and it seems as i'm going to pay more for the car to be drive able. I love buicks thought this car would last me a couple years rather than a couple months. Is there anything from Buick or GM that can help me with these issues or do i need to contact someone about a lemon law?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? everything
How long have you had this problem? couple months
My turn signals wont work dont light up inside my car or outside .. Doesnt click either.. My hazards work and everything else on my switch works .. Bulbs and fuses seem to be fine .. Maybe a loose wire or something?
I have gone ahead and repaired all the resistors in the cluster panel, and checked fuses and lights are still not illuminating, I also want to mention that the DIC and Odometer are working properly after fix, I notice dimmer will not work to dim but will control other lights including headlights just fine.
I have been having a problem with the car going into gear for a while now. I was able to get it to go in gear befor by letting it run for awhile and that was ok. Now that doesnt work anylonger. I cant figuar it out. Please help if you can .
I had the intake manifold gasket replaced, should it cost 881.00?
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