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the car will start eventually. (sluggish start). but non of the lights (turn signals, headlights, dark lights) will work. Is it the battery or something else
I have problem with my Regal, I don't know what is the problem the screen show me a message (Reduced Engine & stailbreak system) The code in the scan are P228D ( Sensor Fuel Pressure Regulator is Exceeded Control limits - Pressure too high) & P0089 (Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Performance) I have Changed the Pump for Gas, Fuel injection fuel rail pressure sensor (GM-12635273), Fuel injection throttle body with throttle actuator (AC-delco 217-3428), High Pressure Fuel pump with seal,retainer,gasket,and bolt (ACdelco EP1028), Mass Air FLow sensor (15865791 OEM 167A), Mainfold Absulute Pressure Sensor (ISUMO 12591290) & 2 PCS OK 1516V Variable timing Solenoid Intake & exhaust camshaft Position actuator oil control Valve 4 Cyliner Engine 2.0 L 2.4L VVT OCV.
Always the problem is here.

Please help me!
Car was repoed gear shift knob broke auction cut a key gear shift knob replaced now car won't start
Just purchased 2003 Buick Regal LS. Noticed 'dark' odometer. Other dash lights appear to be 'normal' & controllable.
Cause of ?? Solution? DIY or repair shop? Estimate cost?
Car turns over like it's trying to start but do not start
replaced egr, evap valve charcoal canister, vent valve, gas tank fuel pump o ring replace and seal. before that i was getting a 401 and 440 code and engine light on, after fixing the fuel pump leak i am now only getting a 401 code, so what else can i do.
I Was told the valvess are bad but system is full of freon what does that mean is the problem with my air conditioning.It blowing warm air but it is blowing theough the vents
My car had been reposessed and when we got it out it had been programmed to a chevy key and i cant arm my car due to the driver door being broke the key wont turn and unlock
We are getting good reference from ignition lock cylinder and starter relay operating. Vehicle will start and then shut itself off right away.
Power Steering pressure hose/line is leaking and husband is trying to replace it.
the turning signals quit working
Sometimes the fan won't even turn on but I leave it on position and after driving a 1/4 mile or so it will start blowing hot air! I've replaced the blower motor resistor twice and mechanic says it is blown out and needs replacement again, (last 2 summers) but it only solved problem temporarily. After a few weeks it blows hot air again.
Neither my ac or heater will blow air out the vents but sometimes when I bang on the blower fan motor the air starts blowing. Sometimes for about 10-15 miles and sometimes for inly 2-3 miles. Then it quits blowing and have to bang again.
Heater fa n does not work on cold mornings but works fine after work.
Thus I am unable to de-thaw my windshield
All stopped at once when i turned on car one day, radio has the illumination lights on, and when pressing recall, clock shows up but disappears after a few seconds, windows and cab lights stopped working at same time also. Brought it in to get it worked on for an hour because didn't want to put to much money in it, they checked common areas to were some wires break, and communicated with body control module, there guess was to try and replace the radio or body control module because they weren't sure if the BCM was 100% in working order or to check the ground wire to the BCM, any other tips?
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