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Need to replace ripped off driver’s side mirror
wont go down the rest work
Temperature control will not change from 00 when I turn climate control on. Just started today. When turned on, only cold air . Neither method will work. Not on screen or plus or minus control.
Battery is dieing. I need to stop it.
I am thinking about buying a used mkz. What is the standard warranty?
Out of a parking Lot and my traction control light Came On and said to service traction control I can’t turn the traction control back on
now I can't play a cd
2011 mkz, all looks normal except when turning car and lights on they no longer test swipe back and forth.
08 lincoln overheating and leaking anti freeze somewhere not sure where and check engine light is on. Heats up really fast!! With in 10mins. of driving!
Could it just be a loose bolt? I think it is coming from the passenger side front wheel.
my headlights turned off by it self when I'm driving. but I when I turn off and on
it works.
but why is this happing ?
About 6 weeks ago I tried to start my car and nothing would come on. Would not start, lights would not come on, windows would not work, dash board lights and radio would not work. Auto Tech replaced the ignition fuse and it worked until now. Same situation, got in car tried to start it and nothing works
Car quit, water pump went out, drained into timing chain, etc, ruined engine and hot/cold registered normal!
car is overheating want to change ECT
How do I put settings to auto shut off the engine if I leave the motor running and walk away with the keys.
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