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About 6 weeks ago I tried to start my car and nothing would come on. Would not start, lights would not come on, windows would not work, dash board lights and radio would not work. Auto Tech replaced the ignition fuse and it worked until now. Same situation, got in car tried to start it and nothing works
Car quit, water pump went out, drained into timing chain, etc, ruined engine and hot/cold registered normal!
car is overheating want to change ECT
How do I put settings to auto shut off the engine if I leave the motor running and walk away with the keys.
went to get it fixed and mechanic turned it a bit and it worked fine, next day shut off again.

back tail light, purchased and installed replacement, next day out again
Related I also had the four tires changed
Got car towed to ford/Lincoln dealer. Told the engine is gone due to internal water pump failure. Is this a common problem. Why was I not notified to check it
Won't start battery is charged
The needle for the hot and cold gauge on the dash for the engine is staying below the cold while driving. Is that ok?
was wondering if it could be a sensor or cooling module?
what tells the module to kick in and start the fans?
sometime works
After changing brake fuse it works for a little while but then does it again
I have removed the air box and uncliooed the fan housing. But the ac lines block the housing from being pulled up and out.
Am going to try adding air at compressor to lift car so it is not so low to get car to dealership
Passenger side blind spot light does not come on
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