My mkz wouldnt start yesterday morning, it would click under the dash, the lights would gou out when they were supposed to,no problems with the security system.
I did a complete system reboot by unhooking the battery for 30 min. it started twice after that but on the third stop there was no way she was going to turn over,Ileft the battery unhooked for an hour and a half. Its already cost me one shift at work I cant afford to loose another. any ideas?

They said i don't need brakes so what's happening I shouldn't have to ride around squeaking please help

after I turn car off the cooling fan continue to run

The air stopped working completely on my car but the air from the seats do work......can anyone explain in more detail what is going on with this type of cars. I've already put free on and nothing seems to work.

This has happen four times in the last eight months.

Plan to replace it with something better :-)

My engine fan want come on causing the engine to run hot . Boiling my antifreeze out

My water pump is leaking out of the weep hole had it checked out the water pump needs replacing how can I get to it behind the timing case

My tire seniors all appear to work properly, but my tire pressure light on my dashboard stays on all the time.

My water pump is leaking. It has to be changed how do I get a started the pump is in the Timing case cover could someone tell me where do I start by

When I'm going either 40 or 70 mph or when I slightly have my foot on the brake I get a real bad shake

While I'm inside the car I can't open the door
The handle doesn't works

When I put the AC on the driver side is cold but the passenger side is hot. The seats are air-conditioned two and both the driver and passenger side will come on cold it's just the vents

Replaced ignition coil and spark plug and it still back firering

On the THX navigation it is unresponsive. It does come on when i turn key on and shows the THX no buttons respond. Action taken took out fuse, disconnected battery, and removed stereo and reconnected. Is it a module issue if so how to fix or replace? Dealer says just put a new stereo in for 1500. I can abut used for 400 tested working. But if there is an outside problem that won't fix it.

There is power to the starter button. All ckts are intact will normal low resistance. no corrossion or connecter issues. All circuits from button to RFA to PCM good. Starter unit, fuses, relay, all good. All grounds good. What are the common problems in what compnent that could cause this? The PCM will not ground the relay, which actuates the starter. So is it the RFA? The PCM? Or the PATS sysytem?

light stay on my dashboard could you help me solve these problem THANKS

In replacing the sensor, hot wire is observed that it doesn't have any power on it. Need a solution

Noise constant but increases with speed. axle or bearing? Kind of a whump whump sound

engine swap

labor hours

my seat will not move but a little and then stops

Transmission light on/ car is running hard while idling. While driving is feels like it is choking out and starts shaking and sputtering. When give is more gas while driving the transmission light will start to blink. Everything was fine with the car prior. Didn't drive hard or anything as well. Could is be a bad batch of gas? Need help! Thank you!