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Related I also had the four tires changed
Got car towed to ford/Lincoln dealer. Told the engine is gone due to internal water pump failure. Is this a common problem. Why was I not notified to check it
Won't start battery is charged
The needle for the hot and cold gauge on the dash for the engine is staying below the cold while driving. Is that ok?
was wondering if it could be a sensor or cooling module?
what tells the module to kick in and start the fans?
sometime works
After changing brake fuse it works for a little while but then does it again
I have removed the air box and uncliooed the fan housing. But the ac lines block the housing from being pulled up and out.
Am going to try adding air at compressor to lift car so it is not so low to get car to dealership
Passenger side blind spot light does not come on
I have had trouble starting my Lincoln. I had it towed to the dealer, and they replaced my battery.
Problem still persists. SOMETIMES the car will not start, or turn over. When I get it to, the check engine light comes on. I had my husband take it to the dealer to diagnose the problem, but the dealer says the code doesn't store in the computer. The codes that do come back are gibberish. The last time my husband took it to the dealer with the light on, it stalled.
The local dealer said they have no idea what is going on!!! Told me I could pick up my car and the car would be okay!!! But with the non starting, and check engine light coming on, I still feel like there IS a problem.... any ideas?
I check everything else out on a water pump so case radiators okay radiator hoses are okay I just can't figure it out after it runs for about 5 minutes it starts to run hot again
How long can you leave the accessories on without wearing out the battery?
Am fm works fine.
Changed trunk bulb, sparked when reinstalling light, blew fuse, now vanity and rear courtesy lights don't work. Can't find fuse.
When stopped for a short time heater blows cold air
My park light fuse keeps blowing and I don't know why.
Inside the compartment every time its too cold my car don't want to start what could be the problem
Dealer found problem on recent service visit, says it is very important to repair and could lead to serious problems if not fixed soon. But it is very expensive, over $3,000. I have not seen any leaking on ground when parked.
Is it possible to be under the plenum center intake I've looked all over the entire engine still don't see it yet . could you please give me a lead
Discovered a dark black fluid leaking onto my garage floor. I brought the car into the shop and they stated there potentially are two leaks (Transfer Case seal & rear engine seal). Stated they would need to remove the transmission to fix the leaks, estimated cost $1200. Does this cost seem appropriate?
It won't do it again until it gets shut off and sits for a while. It only does it one time. When we first take off.
Passengers side seat modules location
When I press for seat to go up it will but won't go back
I am Hearing a popping sound and feeling it in gas pedal after about 15 to 20 feet of driving after switching to drive from park. Won't do it after the initial time. Basically everytime i turn the car off and turn it back on it will do it from Park to drive or reverse to drive. Any idea what this might be? It reminds me of the sound you make when you use your finger to pluck the inside of ur cheek. And a slight upward pressure in the has pedal.
I purchased the vehicle but did not get the inspection sticker done within the 7days. I now have a rejection sticker and the dealer is refusing to fix it. I had it diagnosed by the inspection station and it is coming up with code #b2259 faulty passenger side airbag.
My mkz wouldnt start yesterday morning, it would click under the dash, the lights would gou out when they were supposed to,no problems with the security system.
I did a complete system reboot by unhooking the battery for 30 min. it started twice after that but on the third stop there was no way she was going to turn over,Ileft the battery unhooked for an hour and a half. Its already cost me one shift at work I cant afford to loose another. any ideas?
They said i don't need brakes so what's happening I shouldn't have to ride around squeaking please help
after I turn car off the cooling fan continue to run

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