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To get the brake calipers to go in for new pads I put the car in break service mode(key on, excelerater down,parking break switch up, key off and back on, service signal lit up), now I can't seem to exit this mode to start it.
Ford included tail lights covered under extended warranty for tail light replacement only on 2007 Lincoln mkz for 150,000 miles or 10 years. I purchased vehicle with 160,000 in 2017. Since vehicle is no longer covered, and replacing tail light is minimum $150 used/$600 factory. Can the assembly be opened and permanent LED lights inside that are bad be replaced and or circuit boards to LED replaced/repaired?
My wrench light keeps coming on on my 2007 Lincoln MKZ. It throws the engine when it does come on when I put it into gear. Does this mean I need to replace the transmission?
What are the indications of a problem with my differential? The car is AWD.
Car acts like not getting enough fuel fuel inlet light came on
Radio is getting power as far as clock, direction, and switching from cd to radio, that type of stuff. i have no sound, it lags when switching from a channel or to cd or bluetooth sometimes the speakers are all static. Somedays no sound what so ever
Happens every time the AC is used
Have you had any issues with the ABS brakes Hydraulic Control Unit sticking? I had a mushy brake pedal suddenly, replaced the Master Cylinder and then the problem cam e back in 3 months. Once again code reader suggesting Master Cylinder. Help!
Not having any problems with my transmission at this time but it is time to service the transmission. Someone is told me it needs flushed someone told me it’s a drain and fill. I’m not sure which it is
I have a 2012 MKZ hybrid. Would by dashboard tell me if my motor/ engine was blown? It notified me via dashboard to pull over and stop safely right before my car started making a crazy noise and all the oil drained out, large pieces of metal were found under the car as well. I just don’t want to believe my engine blew all by itself. With no real forewarning.
Just need to know what mileage a well maintained 6cyl in a 2007 mkz could be expected to get total. They are asking 4000.00. Do they get 200,000 or more?
sometimes the wiper speed is fast with little water on the windshield and sometime the wiper speed is slow with a lot of water on the windshield.
when I prestart my car and when the car is idle the heat is cold - doesn't get hot until I drive for a while????
I was parked.. Started the vehicle like usual, put it in park drive started pulling out the parking spot it lost power spattered and shut off.. Then it did it again today. This time I was backing out of a parking space turned to get on the road and it shut off again. Started right up. There are no indication lights what so ever. A while back there was red fluid under the passenger side. Took it to the dealership and they couldn't find anything leaking (I've noticed it twice since)
Clunking noise coming from rear
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