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My sunroof opens fine but when I go to close it, it will only go about 3/4 closed

Any suggestions on what to do?
when I put the key in to start sometimes when I turn the key it does nothing then when I do it again it starts but it says cant read chip
Both power seats are stuck in the forward position and will Not adjust nor recline to any position , I've pulled all fuses & all are in great condition !
The two window switches for driver and passenger windows are not working, but the back windows do work. Is this a fuse issue
check engine light is on so I took my car to dealer. He says intake manifold needs to be replaced and also both inner and outer axles on both sides need to be replaced. Want to be sure i am not getting ripped off on price. Thanks!
Check engine light is on, but when scanned there are no problems indicated. The scan was done with a Snap-On scanner. What could be the cause of the light being on? The car runs fine, no problemsexcept for the warning light being on.
The outside temperature dasah lightbulb is burned out. What type of replacewment bulb do I need?

This happens every time I start my car.To keep it running I have to give gas to keep it running. I smell gas when I'm going thru this process.
When I keep it running it won't give any gas to take off running like it suppose to.
my "SRS" light has been on for a while - is the system restraint {airbag} recall (original NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID 05V560000)
still valid?
I'm trying to find the right brake pads and when I called a parts store they asked me if it had traction control or not. How can I tell?
someone tried to replace radiator of wrong size and he tried to jimmy rig the fan. i now have correct parts and would like instructions or pictures of tis assembly
it cranks and idles snoothy but will not take gas if Ipush the gas pedal it will spit and spudder sometimes it will die eventually it will start taking gas and finally will run when you mash the gas pedal where it can be drive down the riad
FAULT [ERROR ] CODES P0700 , P0410 AND P0341 .
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