Mercedes-Benz C280 Questions

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FAULT [ERROR ] CODES P0700 , P0410 AND P0341 .
car won't keep running after battery swap
1 or 2 second response time when you push pedal to floor to pass what can be done to lessen time wait 1999 c280 sport thank you
It's appears a couple of drop of oil under the middle front of the car then a Lil more in the middle of the car muffler blow white smoke smell like oil check oil actually appears maybe a lil past full no white stuff on oil top car not over heating just bought my car c280 95 Benz 100,000 ml
Windows wont roll down or up could it be something electrical and how much would i be looking at to repair something like this?
need to know if its electronic or not
Checked fuel lines, car was getting gas. Checked battery and had corrosion.
rear power windows are not working and there seems to be no power getting to the trunk fuse box
im trying to figure out how much im going to have to pay for a wheel alignment
My car will not turn over to start.
my mercedes 1999 c280 hi temperature sensor cpmes on.
Where are fuses?
does the c280 take synthetic 5-40 oil - my oil light comes off and on.
Won't shift to 2,3,4. Car run good,strong,but won't shift.Cleared error code and check engine light went off. Wires ECU good tcu good,wow
the car does not raise but steam properly

we have change the actuator, change fuel pump, and yet the car refuse to raise but it steams very well
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