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Air will come on a few seconds and goes off.
Just did it yesterday. Turned steering wheel while turning key in ignition but still won’t start. Thought steering column was locked. Didn’t work

Jumped it three weeks ago and it started was working fine til yesterday
Key turns in ignition. Won’t start. Lights radio come on. Steering wheel locked
There's nothing going on but the service f message is coming up
I have problem with my E500 2003, the key can not unlock the car from far distance, it only works when I am beside the car, Also the keyless go for dooe unlocking/locking is not working. Keyless go for start engine will work only if I put the key on the top of the ashtrey where the senser is lokated, and if I move the key 1cm the car will not detect the key.

Note: The key is working fine with the EIS, no issues, it turn/run the vehicle with no issues.
Its on limp mode stuck on first gear
If I floor the pedal, my E500 2003 Mercedes reduces power to a gradual crawl, gradually picking up speed. The car remains in this lack of power mode until I stop, turn car off, then start again. If I initially gradually push the accelerator pedal, then increase the speed of my foot pushing the down, then there is plenty of power. What could cause this?
Where can I get the air compressor for the 2003 E500 Mercedes for that price Alex
Can you change the pulley on air condition compressor on a 2003 E500 Mercedes without buying air condition compressor
You can hear the air compressor working but it is not lifting up.
I need brakes for my 2004 Mercedes E500 and a local shop quoted me $754 for the job. Thats the front pads and rotors. I don't know if this is a good deal or not. Any advice would be great
The radio works and that's about it.
its just in the rear and i seem to feel it more on the right side rear
My car just stop but it says reduce breaking see the workshop, I want to know what makes cause that plz
my car is slowing down without hitting on brakes, my brake system is shutting down. my radio is cutting off. this is while I am driving.
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