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I need brakes for my 2004 Mercedes E500 and a local shop quoted me $754 for the job. Thats the front pads and rotors. I don't know if this is a good deal or not. Any advice would be great
The radio works and that's about it.
its just in the rear and i seem to feel it more on the right side rear
My car just stop but it says reduce breaking see the workshop, I want to know what makes cause that plz
my car is slowing down without hitting on brakes, my brake system is shutting down. my radio is cutting off. this is while I am driving.
My right side turn signal turns off after several seconds even before I make the turn
want to check relay to see if its bad so I will know to replace air pump or not.
after driving for a while car will go down in rear. start again goes back up and its been doing this on and off. its this problem air spring but if it was leaking it would be down all the time????????? please help! thank you so much.
@ 75mph. Also pulls to left with braking. Brake service message is on though pads appear to be new.
shifted from 3rd gear to 2nd at a high rpm.
lately the dashboard instrement lights seem dimmer and a few days ago the stereo wouldnt turn on. screens just black. not sure if the two are related. 3v weeks ago i did have my main battery replaced due to a dead cell.
my car went down, lowered itself, engine light on
I have one mechanic telling me their system (uses Mitchell) says it takes approx 10 hours to replace the front lower control arms (with ball joints). I have another mechanic (uses All Data) says it takes 2-3 hours per side.

Side note: I've gotta do the upper control arms, lower control arms, and rear control arms, all on both sides, so if you've got any info on reasonable rates for any of that, please feel free to elaborate. The guy I bought this from really messed up the suspension...
I had ann error code emissions(fuel cap) I have one ordered so I cleared the code which I have done before a couple of times now. Immediately after clearing code I tried to crank it and nothing.
All my fuses are good so I'm hoping there's a relay that affects all these functions
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