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The thermostat was bad when I bought this car, and the engine light is on because of it, and I've had the car for 6 months and they keep on telling me at the dealership that they can't get a thermostat because it is a national back order, and I find this hard to believe.

The fan on AC worked great at first but last couple of years, it doesn't blow as strong. AC does cool though.

Car stalls while driving.

9ASCAP shows up instead of the odometer reading. There was a brief chime when this started, but no warning lights anywhere. I don't know what it means.

the car was in an accident and the airbags did its job. but now I need to replace the dashboard and airbag

When I start it in the morning it spits and sputters and the traction control light and a red light comes on when i shut it off and start it again it runs fine

I had new brakes and rotors installed my car is making a humming or rubbing noise!!

Why did my power steering just stop working I have no leaks and the pump is not noisy. I do have fluid in the reservoir and the belt is no broken.

Hi was seeing what the problem could be for clicking in car last 30 seconds and how can i fix the problem by self if not then how much would repair be

from passenger side

I've determined that the heater core is leaking, but not sure if it's the actual core or the metal lines brazed onto the core

When pulling off or slowing down I hear a clunking noise

The problem with the noise is when I am backing up while turning or going forward while turning it sounds like it is winding up real tight

It restarted right away but only drive a few more feet. I let it sit about 15 minutes and was then able to drive it home. The traction light also turned on by itself. I'm trying to find an estimate of weekday it's going to cost to get it fixed. I have only had the car a week and a half.

reading codes u0401 and c1z1c

all the time. AC just went out since I've lost power

The top will go into place but the truck lid gets stuck in open position. Malfunction light comes on

It popped out of place for no reason

my air vents under my front seats are closed how do I open them there is no air conditioning going to the back it is uncomfortable for back seat riders thanks

Took it to auto zone for testing and found out that the car EVAP.

Someone mentioned the throttle?

The battery light, check engine, ABS 7 traction light came on. Same time my AC turned on, went hot them stopped blowing but I could hear the sound as if it was still on. In addition to this the car accelerated on its own. Help

Dash light warns of engine problem. Diagnostic computer reads codes for oil pressure sensor and circuit. Gas mileage dropping from the 20's to the teens. Rough idle. Dealer says nothing is out there concerning problem. Whats going on? Anyone please thank you

Two days I have had to jump it to start. All lights come on and all components work fine in on position. Just will not turn over. After jump oil change light comes on and it only been 1000 miles since changed. 21000 miles total on car.