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Tried changing bulbs but still no change. Lights still won’t come on
I have a 2015 Chrysler 200 the uconnect system always turned on off randomly since I’ve had it but this time it did not come back on so I had dodge do a diagnostic and the uconnect shorted out internally . Now my airbag light came on 2 days ago and today as I was driving my car said find a place and put car in park safely and service shifter. Nothing is working and when it rains the lights flicker on and off . Dodge doesn’t wanna help me due to my warranty went in April.
My car won't start at times but all the lights are on and radio is playing...I turn the key off and let it sit for awhile and it starts up but once I turn it off it's dead for awhile again. The little red light comes on when it doesn't start. I had this problem before and it cleared up for awhile but now it's back. I also dropped the key and broke it just this past Saturday but put it back together. I've been told it could be the security system, a loose ignition wire or I simply need a new key. Other than this once the car is started it runs great
The problem only seems to occur when driving more then 5 miles on the freeway, driving through town most of the time the temperature is at a normal lever or just a little high but when I get on the freeway and go a steady speed it rises to the 3/4 possibly even higher. Talked to my mechanic and he was saying that if it dosnt overheat when parked and running they most likely won’t be able to diagnose it, and it’s not overheating unless I’m driving on the freeway. Never have seen any coolant leaking, reservoir was full so was radiator, so I’m not sure what else to look for. Thought maybe a thermostat but don’t want to go buying parts that might not need to be replaced
I changed out the master cylinder the two front brake calipers I bled the brakes all the way around all four of them are getting a lot of fluid I checked for any clogs no clogs it'll build up pressure in the brakes when the car is off but as soon as you turn the ignition on it loses all pressure and no more breaks
2012 Chrysler 200 traction light stays on—
But now the car is shutting off while driving. A couple times while turning left, couple times turning right, and it’s died while entering onto on freeway. Stating about the traction light to see if there is a correlation.
Not having any problems . The engine light came on. So I tightened the gas cap thought that maybe the problem but it's still in. The code d0nE came up. What's this mean?
My engine light is on checked for the code and got this d0nE
Car began to overheat radiator was empty leaking a lil by the back fire wall but I'm hoping it's the radiator because it's more liquid falling from radiator just flushed radiator but I'm afraid it's the water pump or my heater core went out I've had issues with heat only on one side thay being why I flushed it
I have the same problem in my 2015 chrysler 200. I’ve taken it to the dealer for a”water test” and they can’t find it. Recently I’ve noticed a gurgling sound coming from behind the dashboard on the driver side. In checking different forums, I’ve found that many people say that there may be air in the cooling system.
2012 crysler 200 ..horn stopped their a fuse to check and if so where is it located
My 2011 Chrysler 200 constantly runs past the half way point on the temperature gauge. Is this normal?
the radio works but satellite radio doesn't get a signal
2015 Chrysler 200
As i am driving i can feel a loss of power and the. E T C light comes on . Flashes along with the traction control light i shut the car off. Dtarted it back up as long as i stay at a certain speed the power is good and the light does not come on
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