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the whole dashboard is blinking constantly

Drove car, all fine. Parked for 30-45 mins. Started car, in gear, jerking with loss of power. Auto outline warning light with wrench shows. This has happened 3 times, two mechanics, no fix.

I put a new motor in my car but took the whole top of the motor and put it on the one I put in. All the electronics that was on my old engine was switched to the one in it now. The car will start but idles up and down, give it fuel and it sounds like it wants to quit. I was told I need to flash the ECM. If the electrical is all the original hooking up this new motor, why do I need to have it flashed?

When I start the engine it runs fine at first while cool. If you shut if off after running it for 10-15 minutes, the dash lights come on and off, the gauges work and stop working, and when you push the gas pedal it takes it a few seconds to rev up and when it does it only goes to half rev? I blew the engine in the car after I bought it and have recently put another engine in it. Checked over compression, fuel pressure, sensors, wires all connected, grounds were cleaned up before being put on, checked exhaust. I'm exhausted trying to figure out why it will start and run say first start in the am but I haven't driven it anywhere due to if I shut it off when it's warm, I restart it and it's all f*** me please

trans worked in 1st or 2nd up or down shift before over haul

down gear or up gear

I cheked a ignition module and still the same I think a body control module is the problem or ignition ket too can you tell me if they are related

the bright light ico is on its my mother in laws car so i dont know much aboutr saturn but most cars when you pull the dimmer back all for com on so one told her it was the relay i dont think thats it

I replaced alternator and the battery still good. I don't know why the Battery light stay on.

also replaced all cat converters i was having a problem of no power while accelerateing and when check engine lite came on it was putting out a code for engine missing i replaced coil packs & plugs and it ran the same pull down exhaust and found converters clogged replace all converters now im gettting cyl.1,3,5, not firing its driving me crazy can you please help me?????????

gas tank leaks, so i put up on blocks to drop tank. i took off exhaust/muffler pipe. but now i need to drain fuel to less than 1/4 capacity and also relieve fuel system pressure. how do i do that since i have no money? i attempted to siphon the fuel many times in various ways but i wasnt able to. i decided to go ahead anyway and remove the muffler and the pipe it was attached to but now i realize i need to drain the tank (which is little over half full) and relieve the pressure but i dont know how or which to do first. do i need to run the engine at all in the process? and if so,will i need to reconnect the exhaust?

my gas tank is leaking for my 2003 Saturn LW 300 and I can do it myself I have all the tools but I just need to know how and what to take out first. my car is already jacked up and sitting on blocks

I noticed a gas smell coming from under right side rear passenger seat, mostly from outside only. couldnt find a puddle underneath but when i took a closer look i noticed the whole underside of what im pretty sure is the gas tank was wet with a single drop (of gas, i assume) was pooling and ready to fall. I have every tool imaginable for home AND auto repair left to me by my grandfather, but very little knowledge of how to fix it myself. Can/should i do it myself? I also have very little money. If i have to replace the tank, then i will. but i just want to know if there is a simple, cheaper solution (assuming the tank itself is not cracked), such as a replacement gasket, or tightening that needs to be done somewhere under the car. Thanks! There is no check engine light or error code anywhere fyi.

The car will die on the road but will restart after it sets for a couple of hours. Could it be a cam sensor or a crank sensor?

It seems, that when the weather is hot, my dash lights don't work. The lights in question include ALL the instrument cluster lights, the lights behind the HVAC and radio controls as well as the lights that illuminate the gear selection. These lights should come on when the headlights are turned on, but they do not.

Occasionally when the lights DO come on, they won't turn off when the headlights are turned off.

I have checked fuses, logic dictates that if it were a fuse, then the lights would not work at all. What possibly could be causing this?

What is the part number for the power module that controls the door locks?

It is all doors and the FOB and door lock button seem to activate it just slightly, so you have to press the button several times to get the door to lock or unlock. I think it must be some command module failing. I would like the part number and the difficulty in replacing it.
Thanks, JOHN

smell gas. After sitting all night and adding gas additive and much trying it finally started up. Any idea what could be wrong. After starting up service engine soon light came on and stayed on. Thanks Marilyn

can a faulty sensor be detected

I have checked the coolant level and it is normal both when engine is warm and when it is cold. The engine temp guage always remains the same. Any suggestions?

I have a tank full of gas,I'm lost.

I had to pay for all my rotors to be resurfaced and 3,000 miles later metal hitting on metal and rotors, brakes and calipers have to be replaced. Also the service guy didn't mark any specs down on my receipt. Is this something I need to be wary of. Also this is a new guy where I took my car for years and am not satisfied with his work.

02 saturn lw300 service engine light came the one with the wrench tranny shifted hard pulled over turned car off then restarted no problem light off shifted fine the next day the same thing drove for about 20 mins or so light on shifted hard pulled over turned off then restarted no light on and the traction control light won't come on either

can you help me i want to change plugs