Why Certified?

We stand by you during every step of the auto repair experience.

Certified Shops honor fair price estimates - and are bringing trust and transparency to an industry not known for it.

Find a shop near you that’s trusted by our experts and recommended by your neighbors.
Great Customer Value
Be confident and truly satisfied the work will be done right, without overpaying. No more horror stories.
Are you an honest shop that delivers high quality work and great service? Millions of people look for shops like you on RepairPal.
The Certification Process:
Value for Consumers and Quality, Trustworthy Shops
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Step 1 : Pre-Qualification
We search the nation for high quality shops and talk to them about applying for RepairPal Certification.
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Step 2 : Expert Certification
Our master auto mechanics review and verify experience, training, tools, parts, pricing, warranty, and customer feedback.
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Step 3 : RepairPal Value
RepairPal, the largest site for auto repair, connects consumers and certified shops. We partner with the shops to ensure excellent customer service at a fair price.