Volvo S70 Questions

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engine could be turn on, but car cannot go forward or backward the shift is ok

What seems to make the problem better or worse? it is not moving when put on drive forward obackward
the car wont go foward or backwards but can change gears
But the steering colum now all windowsradio ac headlights don't work hi beams do n car runs help
While driving on highway at times strong smell of gas fumes.
S70 1999 gasket leaking under the car maybe
Works great initially. Stops cold air when engine warms up. Seems the compressor is getting hot and cuts off quickly. Happens every time. Starts again cold after being off for 15-20 minutes .
I have to turn the inside light switch on to get lights inside vehicle.
When I let the car sit for a while it warms up to normal operating temp and heat in cabin is temp that I selected, when I drive it for a distance the temp gauge shows drop in temperature and starts blowing cool air. if I come to a stop it will go back up to normal temp and the cabin warms back up. smell a little hint of antifreeze too
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