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I just purchased this vehicle and the key fab is not communicating with the car! I checked the fab replaced the battery in the fab and had it checked and ok on that end, The battery was dead and I replaced it but wont detect the fab, I pressed the ACC button on the start button on the dash it said to wait 10 minutes I thought this would link up again with the fab but did not work, I cant do anything with the fab, door locks, trunk or alarm button nothing works! wont start!
Fuel tank pressure sensor location
Everything works except the front turn signal and the daytime running lamps on my 05 Cadilliac sts
when cranking it sometimes sounds like it wants to start but dies out,has been sitting for a year without being started.
Replacement of car battery and car still won't start after about 5 second all the power will come on now while car in on position check engine light stay on got jump car started and check engine light off drove about 5 minutes bought car back to garage and turn off and try restart nothing cadillac sts 3.6 2011
Hearing alarm noise like I too close to object in front also when press start nothing happened then about 5 second all power comes on still won't start
Where can you mount a sunpass on a 2005 Cadillac STS with adaptive cruise control, heads up display, collision avoidance and rain sense
For some reason my climate control is losing all power and not working sometimes then i start the car it will come on the a few min later go back off any ideals
When driving car I come to a stop, when I proceed to move again the car will jerk fairly hard from rear of vehicle with the sensation like I had just been rear ended, what the cause of this?
onstar code P 00056
Every time I brake the vibration is there and sometimes when driving there is a rubbing noise on passenger side
As well as ..,
Car hesitates to get up and go sometimes , feels like a constant cruise control is on
It sounds like it's coming from the fan but the fan is not hitting nothing and i don't think that would keep it front starting
It does not crank only click I have to do that a few times before it will start....
Why do I have to keep trying to start my car over and over before it will start up....could it be my ignition switch?
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