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My speakers and turn signal clicks have stopped working completely. Also my back up alarm isn't going off. Any idea on what the problem could bs?
Someone broke into my 2005 Cadillac sts and stole the radio out of it and now Anti theft light is on and car won't start is there anyway to bypass the security so I can drive my car please help
It straightens out while driving for a short distance then goes right back to riding rough. Replaced fuel injection harness and coding #4 injector. Even replaced the 4 and coil and plugs and valve body.
now and then I think coming from sub in rear bose stock
OBD-II says Cat2 is bad
I just bought the car and tried to get it smogged and its throwing a po391 code and my check engine light doesn't work.
The bright light comes on and off when the car is not on and only the bright light not the headlights. when I crank it up the light goes off
My front left keeps going out I replaced now 3 time in last 2 years
Car will star NO FOBS Detected
I need to know where the turn signal flasher is on a 2000 seville STS
both not working at same time
it was working fine, and one day I went out to start. It started as like always, but this time it wouldn't move and haven't since. This was 5 months ago.

Engine running rough, when trying to start nothing happens everything goes blank. Battery is less than a month old.
i am trying to replace the thermostat looked everywhere i thought on line but cannot find the year and repair I need. The gauge does not move stays on "0" no liquid on the ground
does it everytime i run it for about 5 to 10 mins than battery will b dead and wont start back up.
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