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I accidentally ran over a raccoon last night and after that my car sensor keep on beeping when i'm backing up or about to park. I checked if there is anything on the front of my car or back but nothing. Is there a way to fix this or how much would it cost to get it fixed?
A warning light came on and said service this expensive to fix
I have a cadillac ats 2015 and the passenger side mirror doesn't adjust nor does the turn signal light but the puddle light under the mirror works fine when i lock the car at night, the drivers side works fine except that puddle light isn't getting full power i measured it with a multimeter now on the right side mirror the power in the harness for the mirror s jumping from 3-8v when i turn on the right turn signal and no power at all goes to the turn signal light, could this be a fuse? if so which fuse because i feel like i've checked all
I have Escalade and one of the passenger door has child safety lock on. We press the unlock button for child safety and it either turns on or keep blinking. Second passenger door in the back is fine. What should be do?
What is killing my battery ? I've put it in the shop 3 times they act like they don't what's wrong with my car I asked them to check the alternator
What is the price for a regular tune-up
The struts broke and the wheel pulled free of the front axle. Struts used to be steel but now aluminum and seem very weak!! shouldn't have caused this damage.
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