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I have a 2002 Mercury Cougar and it has a high pitch humming through the air breather coming up into the intake and I can't figure out what's causing the high pitch humming. any thoughts on where it's coming from? what ever it is it won't let the car start and when it does start it keeps dying and it won't accelerate.
The four wires on top of ignition coil pulled out of the plug and I can't find the diagram anywhere on the web 3 red one with blue stripe one with green and one with white. The fourth is blue with green stripe.
When I'm in drive or park I turn my heat on my dies out. If I turn my A/C on my car goes dead. Why is this happening?
are disconnected what causes this, car does have kill switch.
i already changed the alternator, spark plugs, distributor cap, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and recently changed the oil. it is still running poorly. no lights are on, on the dash. not sure what to do
the unit clicks when operated and returns when the steering wheel is straight but no blinking lights
Reason replace column lost keys cheaper to replace column
starts normally but then dies
Mechanic mentioned an interlock. Is this an electrical problem?
i have a 2002 mercury cougar the belt keeps slipping off and the other day i was at walmarts and it made a weird noise and started smoking well i thought the belt had just came off again.......we were puttin the belt back on and noticed it had gotten so hot it put a crack in the radiator so im now in need of a radiator im curious what other make and models of cars will interchange with my mercury cougar?
The car has been doing fine except one day I had drove it bout 25 miles and it just did nothing but died going down the highway. The lights don't go dim so I figured it wasn't the alt. My battery post was pretty coroaded so I cleaned them really good. It makes me mad because I just bought this car from a car lot and haven't had it bout a couple of week's and it all of a sudden started doing this. Please help me figure this problem out. Also it won't turn over after it dies for at least about five or ten mins. Then it will start rite back up.
Cousin and turned the cruise on and it died. And now it won't start and run. What's the problem with it
check engine code 443
I have had a bunch of work done to my car and not for sure if they forgot something. When I hit the accelerator it has a raw grounding sound but if I am on cruise you can't hear it. When I down shift you can hear the same sound. It's like a dry set of bearings or dry area that needs to be greased.
I had my oil changed about a month ago. Now I have to add a quart of oil to my car every two days but I don't see any oil spots on the ground when I park. Where is it going?
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