Mercury Cougar Questions

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Transmission slips in3rd gear
Is there any thing I can do to fix it
A cheap way
Where would the problem be getting voltage to the starter? Battery checks out. Starter checks out . where is the interuption to power to the starter?
It does it as soon as you start it up
Misfire / choking - worse when I have foot on gas peddle; if over 45-50 better
Pump is working but it still doesn't start
Never worked since replacing belt.
Car just stopped running. I've checked everything.
Car is not going fast up hills
Hi! I have a 99' Mercury Cougar. Was driving today and on ice hit a curb with my right front tire. Hubcap cracked, but the rim and tire were fine. Still felt off, so I stopped. It appears something bent holding the wheel. How much would it cost to fix it?
I have a 2002 Mercury Cougar and it has a high pitch humming through the air breather coming up into the intake and I can't figure out what's causing the high pitch humming. any thoughts on where it's coming from? what ever it is it won't let the car start and when it does start it keeps dying and it won't accelerate.
Manual transmission will shift through all gears easily but will not move at all just rev up. What could be the problem in your opinion and also if possible could you give an estimate of about the cost for parts and how long will take to fix.

Thank you so much I appreciate it a lot
The four wires on top of ignition coil pulled out of the plug and I can't find the diagram anywhere on the web 3 red one with blue stripe one with green and one with white. The fourth is blue with green stripe.
When I'm in drive or park I turn my heat on my dies out. If I turn my A/C on my car goes dead. Why is this happening?
are disconnected what causes this, car does have kill switch.
i already changed the alternator, spark plugs, distributor cap, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and recently changed the oil. it is still running poorly. no lights are on, on the dash. not sure what to do
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