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when shifting it slips.have to manually shift it into reverse...
I have a 2005 chevy trailblazer that has racks already on it. I also have a 2017 chevy traverse. So I was wondering if the racks from the blazer would fit on traverse
New fuel pump,plugs,replace an cord pack new radiator, new fan belt and water pump
How much to put a new transmission seal & transmission fluid in an 03 Chevy trailblazer?
Car won't start now
Worked fine earlier today and went to go start it and the key won't turn it'll come out but won't turn. When the key goes in you can hear the dinging of the door being open and that it.
my 2007 trailblazer intermittently has had the following issues; no rear wipers, dome light stays on, radio stays on, no keyless entrt and now I can't get it out of park.. vehicle runs fine. Help
What is the code for faulty oil sensor.
My sunroof is stuck in the tilt position and wont close
Why does my AC system blow hot air when in idle and gets cold when moving
power steering cooler is leaking
Fan blower motor does not work on higher speed 03 trailblazer
Pulled out of from in front of my house. Truck made a loud pop when i turned the wheel to pull away and now it's making a rubbing sound. Like a metal on metal sound.
The problem only started this winter when I noticed the blower only worked on the highest setting. I replaced the hvac module with no change. Since then I have replaced the resistor twice. When I turn the fan on I get a distinct burning smell that smells like it is electrical. After that the resistor burns out in a few weeks leaving me with only the high speed setting.
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