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The light will come on sometimes for a couple of days and go off for a few days it varies
my suspension fault light is on, in addition to that, the screen reads: vehicle too low
I filled up the gas tank yesterday with premium level fuel. Don't know if this is a factor in the problem or not.
Coincidentally, I had the same problem w/a 99 XJ8 I owned. Is this common? The odds are astronomical against it being just me on 2 jags, different models and 6 yrs apart. Anybody?
Just drove the car to get a bite to eat without a problem. No prob going to work, lunch, or driving home. Came back an hour later and this happened.

Key fob batted had been saying low battery for a week or so. Not sure if it's related

No oil and water mixture
clear water between block and head.
Car will not hold water. it's the hose under the supercharger
Water is visible between head and block,
at #3 cylinder, gasket blew on outside instead of inside .
Does not start or even crank. It is dead dead. Parking bear is stuck.
I stopped to reverse and the engine shut down. On restarting it does not even crank. I tried to kick up the battery. Can you help please.

passenger doors are never used,went out and started car one day and passengers door open indicator came on and stays on,all doors are shut.
went out too garage on day and started car and it was on,never have any passengers so door aren't used.
Do u think its supercharger and if so how difficult to rebuild. Is there any online instructions anywhere. Thanks
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