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My 1996 geo prizm's steering wheel makes noise when I turn either left or right. I'm assuming it has something to do with power steering or one of the belts, I'm not sure. I need help.
My 1996 geo prizm needs an alignment but I do not want to spend a lot of money. Is there any way I can do this myself
I just replaced the pump n clutch .the previous one the clutch n pump were burnt
Hey.could you tell me what brand of automatic transmission I have?engine 7AFE 1.8 1993 year
it says AISIN 9130 5, but what's the model?what to buy??
how to fix

Shifter wont release and brake light function is being affected. So i have to manually release at plastic mechinism at base of shifter. So i can put car in gears and drive it. But it cancels my brake lights and all fuses, brake switch and wiring is functional. Im thinkin its the shift lock sensor. Is it??
Can the evaporator thermistor cause the problem? Replaced compressor, charged a/c, checked fuses and relays, changed high/low pressure switch.
I am trying to replace the computer but I am unsure where it is located?
Why is car sputtering like it is not getting enough gas or the catalytic converter is stopped up?
how do I get it reset to green shows no new code car yr is 2001
Just had a brand new starter put in it
It just quit. Though it was stalling out when we would come to corners to stop.
This only happened once while I was driving and suddenly it stopped running.
trying to find #1 cylinder location
Since it came out of the shop and the cover wasn't put back on the warning says 6 percent on oil even though it was just changed.
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