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I am trying to find the best racing and autocross tires for my 2003 viper and the 345 rear tires are hard to find. I wonder if I can use 335 since many more options and if so what exact size should I use to use my current wheels (stock).
While driving down the street the cluch seemed like it lost contact with the engine
The air only comes out the defrost will not switch to floor or dash
The car only has 5500 miles on it. My dodge dealer says the transmission needs rebuilt?
Tried starting fluid nothing. Cranks great just won't start. Don't even try to start. Only 15000 miles never had any problems before
low idle maybe 500 rpm not sure why? car has only 6300 miles. I do notice an exhaust leak from the drivers side front tire area. maybe this would cause a low idle? also, where can I go to fix my exhaust leak? I live in Chicago
Has racing cam, updated heads, air flow up-grade,lifters n etc.
Have to coast back and re-engage. Works fine after. Has only occurred twice.
need to charge with freon
I need to charge the A/C & can't find the port. Maybe I'm dumb.
Just had some clutch work done on 01 RT-10 with 40K miles. Was charged $2900 for tune up, clutch work (replace slave master), oil change (I supplied oil) and fixing wire harness in driver side door (some wires were broken which caused the driver side fix window and sideview mirror to stop working).

Did I get ripped off?

Thank you very much
Taken to 2 garages. Viper not common here. No garage with diagnostic to fit. Even at Chrysler garage, never seen viper. New plugs/leads. Found inlet man gasket needed replacing. But still not right. Tick over 400. On increase of revs it sounds smoother. But still slight popping. Thanks
I replaced the compressor with a new one and the fuse blew. It seems that the clutch coil was shorted. So I ordered a new compressor. I tested the clutch and it activated with 12 volts. I replaced the compressor again. When I plugged in the car connector, it blew another fuse. Now that clutch wont work. I hook up the old clutch and it works fine. There is an electrical difference between the new clutches and the old clutch. What is the difference. I am frustrated.
Is there a reset for the kill switch if the battery ran down.
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