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My active body light is red and says drive carefully my right side of the car is down but when I push the height button nothing happens it doesn't raise or lower I want to know do u think the tandem is shot
I have a 2004 Mercedes Benz CL500 and the right side tail lights have all went out the whole side is out it does a quick flash when I hit the brakes
After battery was taken out charged and put back in my car is acting weird it acts like it want to start but it doesn't when I click off and on alarm on the driver side flashes lights window work door locks not sure what issue is or whether battery could be in wrong
The passenger side front and the driver side rear fuse keeps blowing. As soon as u start putting fuse in it starts sparking and is ready to blow. I used the power probe and checked to make sure the window motors are not faulty, and they work fine. The resist between the leads is .8 ohm. But that's the same resistance on all main motor wires. So I do not believe it is a motor short. There is no resistance between any of the motor wires and ground. So I do not believe a wire is grounded with a short. Any ideas?
Mercedes said to replace the whole tail light assemblies. I took both left and right tail lights out and all the lights work when I put power to both sides. but the blinker bulbs would not blink. What is wrong. HELP
I am thinking a ring has gone please inform me if you have any ideas
I have a problem with my car gear .. automatic gear does not change after 2 or 3 ....
I have charged the car battery and the trunk will still not open with the key, or the fob. Changed the battery in the key fob, with still no success.
Car has 79,000 miles. Is this normal?Seal is leaking Hydralic Fluid. Should it be driven? Hydralic Fluid level has been checked and it is within high/low range on dipstick. Car is parked inside garage until answers are received. Thanks.
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