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The brake pedal is very stiff. When I press it nothing happens until I stand on it then it will grab all at once. Now the steering wheel and ignition are locked. Any help please?
During acceleration surging & loss of power now only able to get 20mph. replaced fuel filter and pump, spark plugs and wires and boots, upstream 02sensor
Every time I drive it gets slower now won't go over 20mph.
I have a 2000 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner and seem to be having some issues with the center radio console and buttons. I'm not sure when it actually occurred but as I don't drive it often, but the radio console and the lighting for part of the thermal controls are dead. I have checked all the fuses and they seem to be in good condition.

The A/C switches still work but have no backlighting on some of the switches. and the radio is completed dead. I did not notice any damaged fuses while checking and am not aware of there is one behind the radio.

Please advise if there is something else I am missing.

thank you.
This is heard every time I first start out and at maybe 10 mph.
Brake lights fuse from my tacoma 2001 keeps blown
A couple days ago I noticed my steering would suddenly pull to the left or right while driving at random times. Not a serious pull, but enough to be noticeable. This wasn't related to braking as I mostly noticed it while accelerating. Today it sounds like theres a metallic noise coming from the passenger front side. It may be coincidence, but these issues started happening after I used 4x4 for the first time on my used (new) truck. Tire pressure is good and I don't notice any unusual wear on the tires. Ive checked the steering response underneath the truck by jiggling the wheel to the left and right and everything seems to be responding fine.

Can anyone give me some ideas on what the problem may be? Thanks!
I just bought a 1999 Tacoma with 183K miles. Within 200 miles, the coils failed. I now learn this has happened three time before. Why the repeated coil failures? Thanks
I've got a no start problem on my 97 tacoma.
Would a 60 Amp abs fuse stop the truck from starting?
It's got spark and fuel goes at least to the engine. Don't know if it's going into fuel
The starter relay/fuse has been replaced along with fuel filter,fuel pump, pugs,wires, coils, water pump, radiator, thermostat, timing chain, cleaned egr , ( scanner showed a P0401 code)

All fuses have been checked.
Noticed the ABS fuse is missing. Don't know
If that would contribute to the no start.
Must go to high speed to get it to shift 3rd, must keep light on gas pedal to keep it in, slips in 3rd, no O/D at all
Cruise Control surges
AC turns on five seconds later green lite flashes and air turns off
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothtning
How long have you had this problem? one week
Can anyone help me, need advice or answer, about putting a lift kit 2" on my Tacoma truck, does it avoid the warrenty. My warrenty extends to 2023 8 yrs. I was told it does not void my warrenty, from people on the street. Need a answer from some one that knows for sure. Thanks
I can't find any blinking light definitions for troubleshooting anything in the Owners Manual.

A couple of weeks ago the orange AC button on the dash started blinking and AC wouldn't come on. I turned it off and waited, and then the AC worked fine. This continued, getting more frequent until today - when I drove into the dealership and the AC (which was running fine) just quit and the light was blinking.

The valet witnessed it, but when the mechanic tried to duplicate the issue - they couldn't. I told the service writer that it might be an electrical relay wearing out behind the ON button. They gave me the truck with the AC blasting cold air just fine.... I got 2 minutes down the road and the AC died and the light was blinking again.

This is my 4th Tacoma. It has 24,960 miles on it. The warranty is up in November of this year (and the dealership isn't offering those anymore) Has anybody run into this before?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? hot or cold engine now
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
Sum say it avoids your warrenty other say no, I have 8yr warrenty what is your opinion, I know i must get a whel aligment after lift kit is put in
I have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner 2WD 5VZ V6 engine. Got the taco with a little under 100k. 1 time owner and was well kept. No history of transmission though.Checked fluid periodically. Seemed okay so didnt think to change fluid. So now at 120k it was slowly having harsh shifting within the third gears and jerking forward at a stop. Also metal pinging noise when first shifting in drive or reverse. So i did drain and refill the fluid. Did not drop the pan. Got 3 quarts out of the drain plug tilted on driveway. Fluid was dirty brown but not black and no burn smell. Manual says 1.7 for that enigine for a drain and refill which seemed quite low. I put 2 quarts. Drove a little and checked dipstick constantly. It seemed a little low so i put half quart in. Shifted better for a few days. No jerking at a stop and shifted smoother. Then it started acting up again so i drained and refilled 2 more times. Still the same but off and on. Runs great on highway just bad at stop and go. Mainy when hot and been driving over 30 mins or so. Please help! Im racking my brain on this. Could it hopefully be a solenoid or something better than a transmission major repair i hope???Any advice would be grateful. Thanks
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Adding more fluid or changing fluid
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
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