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I have a 1991 Toyota with a 3.4 swapped from a 99 Tacoma and I am getting no spark everything I hooked up truck turns over fine but not getting any spark kinda stumped on what it coul be any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated

The column I installed was out of another tacoma. Would the security system have me locked out?

When I put coolant in the radiator, the check engine light went out, could there be another problem I should have checked?

I have a second hand Texas edition Tacoma with 20in wheel. The wheels say Toyota. I have 275/45/r20 tires. I want a softer ride. I want to keep the 20in rims and get taller tires. Do i need a lift?

High pitched noise from rear of truck while driving 10-50 mph

computer code P2441 Secondary air injection system switching valve stuck closed bank 1

had it and the water pump replaced at 100k.

200k miles and still going! what should I do to ensure I get the most out of it?

I noticed this last week the sound from left rear and not shifting gears when driving to and from work.

35 -40 mph doesn't shift stays at low gear and you can hear the whining of the gear. On left rear you can hear a rattle. Also since gear does not shift its stuck I noticed the brake pedal real low when breaking.

pressing brake pedal seems lower and noise from left rear.

Is there a fuse or wire that I can check, to make the alarm honk, like it should? The alarm has never worked, since I have had the truck. I read the owners manual, but can't find the answer.

rough running engine blue smoke overheat shut off oil and water under carriage

The door open light on the dash stays on when doors closed. Cannot lock door with fob. Checked both switches with ohm meter and they seem to be OK. Dome light also stays on if switch is in door mode. 2007 Tacoma ext. cab

It's an automatic and once rpms get up such to pull out on Highway it will not shift to next gear

Sounds like an electric motor spinning down. Motor is a 2.7L I4 with a 4 speed automatic transmission

It looks like a small, black, vacuum or ventilation hose.

check engine light came on while drivng errands around town. pulled over, checked all fluids & belts.everything OK. drove home truck ran fine no apparent problems. I guess I need to get obd diagnostic reading 1st. Never had this happen before. hope it doesn't cost much

Running hot,engine light on.

I have 195000 miles on this engine.

Replace the converter? Is something else causing this?

it has done this before and the diagnosis was a bad wheel bearing. The mechanic who looked at it said wheel bearings were OK. Wondering if this could be something else wrong with suspension, i.e. ball joints or struts or more serious like transmission. It seems to have a vibration on the left side making me think it is a suspension issue

I recently hit a curb pretty badly with my back right tire. I was wondering if the 2009 Tacoma PreRunner is front wheel alignment or all wheel so I can take it if needed.

Just returned from driving it 10 minutes before trying to restart. Worked fine before and now will not start. 1st time this has happened.

When you push the clutch in. How far is the rod on the slave cylinder suppose to go. Getting about 1 inch.

Truck will no turn or crank at all no sound when turn key to start truck

Could it be an air bubble? Its an older tacoma.

It's has another bigger hose going to same place

It's has another bigger hose going to same place

went from 20 mpg to 13 , shows no fault codes , engine runs fine , no rough idle