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Compass and temp display stopped working. Push button on / off switch fails to turn on the display. Fuses are ok.
2008 Tacoma 4.0 V6. When taking on a load or accelerating on an incline, the truck will buck like it's not getting enough fuel. I don't get a code light, Transmission shifts fine. Has to be fuel right? Bad injectors? Fuel Pump? Clogged filter? The filter never really requires any maintenance, it's inside the tank on these trucks. Never had a problem with these trucks, notorious for being long lasting. 120,000 miles.
When I turn off the ignition only 2015 Toyota Tacoma Pro sport, I hear a noise. Like something winding down, powering off. Possibly a small motor or electrical device. Sounds close to firewall. Any ideas
I have a 2003 3.4 L, 4-Door, Pre-runner tacoma. The rear passenger door will not open from the inside when I pull the handle. I have tried to fix it but I think I need a new door latch/actuator. I have found a salvage yard that has a 2-door 1999 tacoma,will the door latch/actuator from the 1999 tacoma fit on my truck? If not, do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thank you
What is the advantage of doing the following jobs at the same time? (I ask for obvious reason of expense)

One Ball Joint (upper and lower)
Two Tie Rods (both leaking)
Rack and Pinion
Full Struts

Please confirm whether or not the following two statements are true:

(1) An Alignment must be done after each project, if not done all at once.

(2) Not doing all the above as one project could result in damage of the newly-replaced item.

Can one simply patch up oil leaks if around the Tie Rods? If so, what is that called?

Thank you
The truck has loss of power when you kick it in to passing gear, the oxygen sensors also need replaced or could it be the catalytic converters could be plugged
just wondering at what odometer reading is it best to change the timing chain on 2013 tacoma, 6 cylinder engine
changing the oil in my 2001 toyota tacoma and the oil filter was severly stuck. While trying to remove it, the cap broke off completely and all that is left is the threaded part of the oil filter still threaded into the motor mount area. Cannot figure out how to remove it.
AC Problem in spring & summer
Idles fine and accelerates fine. Just periodically cuts out.
Trying to find out the torque for the bolts on the valve cover, just replaced the gasket...
Fan has stopped working for heater. Replaced motor fan 9 months ago. Replaced fan moteor from my Toyota parts department. Worked great all summer, most of winter. Would stop working then stop. It stopped working about a week ago.
Truck is a ranch truck cannot drive on pavement. Drove it around ranch with no problem. Went to start three days later and nothing.
fuel tank was empty. put 5 gal in , now it starts with starting fluid but will not burn gas? put new battery in removed air filter as there was squirrell waste..
im looking to replace my ignition igniter for my 2002 toyota tacoma. I can not find anything on the internet for this part. or the location of it?
The shop wants to charge $600 for a new one.

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