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did not know it was going bad. very little indication when starting car.

Dealer said it was going bad
My car has been sitting for about a year and I can't start it cuz starter don't work I'm getting it fixed soon but I was wondering if I should do a engine flush. The car has over 100000 miles on it. What should I do after I get the starter in should I start it or what?
alternator is bad, the battery is good, it's reading 12.3 volts, the alternator reading 11.1 volts.
In the morning white smoke come out when I turn it on, and when I'm driving it would smoke
the signal lights outside still work front and rear. is this a fuse?
Have had the injectors cleaned, also have run several cans of sea foam through as well. as long as I am moving, the car drives well. Mechanic is stumped. Started 3 weeks ago, suddenly. Have 155,000 miles, car is well maintained, also replaced spark plugs and checked for vacuum leaks
Found a replacement fender for a good price now I need to know how much it will cost to have it put on
when I start my car sometimes it either doesn't want to start or starts but sits at about 500rpm and if i put the pedal down it starts. anybody know why?
While driving my BMW randomly started cutting out, it was very jerky and sputtered me to the side of the road. Now when I start it it struggles to start and once going it will cut out a few times and die. What could be causing this and how do I fix it?
Since buying the car we have had battery issues. Had the battery programmed to the alternator, no luck. Seems to be a parasitic draw. Bmw dealer said it needs a new jdm console.
Was running fine then one day seemingly out of the blue it started stalling when idling or coasting. I pumped the gas and the clutch to keep me from stalling and get me to work. As soon as i got to work, parked & let the engine run. It didnt stall, enginge starting reving on its own going up to 2000 or 3000 rpms and back down again.
On the drive home couldn't get any power to the engine. Wouldn't go over 1500 rpms. Parked it, now its cranking but won't start.
Bought a bmw code reader, pulling different codes everytime, mostly related to throttle control issues.

Adjuster for the intake manifold was broken, replaces that with no luck. Also cleaned out the computer.

Please point in the right direction. My fiance is a mechanic, but not bmw. Can't afford to have it in and out of the shop, can't trade it in if its not running!!!
replace intake a year ago and went to crank it this morning blow intake again
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