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2005 Suzuki Forenza wagon and the last few months the shifter has been really hard to get out of park and you have to jiggle the shifter and key to get the key out every time. Today however, the key is now completely stuck in the ignition and will not release.
I tried everything to get the key to release, finally I had to disconnect the battery and the key turned and came right out
I have an 2007 Suzuki Forenza I got in my car yesterday last night and my dash lights are not working for my speedometer and all of that my lights are not working to light up around my stereo or my air conditioner buttons or my gearbox and you don't know how to fix it or what the problem could be
Have pump no evo on new one, can not get old evo valve off.
I was on my way to an appt, I noticed that the car was running hot and I pulled over immediately and shut it off to let it cool off. About 15-20 minutes after cooling I started again and moved 2 seconds down the road and it got hot again so I pulled over and shut off, I noticed while I sit there and put key on account mode the oil light came on. There wasn't any leaks or noises. My husband just put a new thermostat and changed the oil and coolant
I have a 2004 suzuki forenza i would all year model engines is compatible?
catalyst monitor is the last incomplete, no trouble codes show, how to get a complete so it will pass Ca. smog
I put to much oil about one quart and half so when I drained does the transmission oil drain also
When I take off the engine kick once I reach 30 mph why
How many hours should I be billed from a dealership to remove my transmission and put in one from a salvage yard.
Your best quote would be appreciated.
I have a 2004 Suzuki forenza! I purchased it in February and have had no problems at all with it! However, I let my sis n law borrow my car to go to her daughter's graduation, ( we live in VA daughter's graduation in DC). At 9:45 she calls to tell me my car drove great going up there! At 10:53 she calls to say my car ran hot and there's no antifreeze in it! She says she bought antifreeze to put in my car and it still ran hot, then she said she put water in it and drove to s mechanic who told her my radiator was cracked from left to right
I bought this car so excited. A newer car for me! So happy I was gonna be able to drive and see my grandchildren and daughter.I made one 140 m round trip. Never got to drive again. Now no car again. I'm so sick that all my money went for nothing. Because of all the problems the pieces of shit forenzas. Lead to warped head
Multiple codes all point to pending ECM failure.
Can I put an engine out of a 2004 Firenza in my 2006 Firenza?
While driving the car died. It will crank but wont start. The battery, oil n fuel was checked. All good. The starter and distributor was checked n changed. Oil filter spark plugs, wires, sensor, was replaced. Can someone help please n thank you
check engine light comes on
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