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front and back seat are blowing heat.


Only my back tires are spinning, front tires are not engaging.

Windows rear come down whenever they want child lock not preventing them from coming down also check engine light comes on and stays on for days and then cuts off some days

it will not crank took it to a mechanic and he said motor was done. I am a lot smarter than that wouldn't this Swedish vehicle have a sensor that would shut it down
the first thing I am going to do is check if motor is seized per bottom pully system that goes into the motor

cruse control shutting off at 65mph and over. I have installed new brake switch and still have problem.

I don't need AWD, How would I go about doing this?

33,000 miles 97X ARC 5.3 Car was left for 9 months and not started. When I returned from long stay away I found a dead and a not reusable battery (1 year old). Put a new battery in and the car started fine but when I shut it off the blower motor stayed on.

Key was bent now won't start car.

Replace broken key.

It does it when I speed up or just driving. It does it for a little and when I start driving again

Feels like we're driving a washing machine during the agitation cycle. Help please. What to look at and how much max to fix!

Thought bug was caught in window, but no.

Tires are great, transmission fluid normal, can't think of what to check next. Feels like gear shift has been thrown in neutral temporarily.

The noise sometimes stops if I hit a bump in the road or hit on the center console, this started happening after the driver's door window control module was replaced under warranty so I a assuming it has to be a electrical problem. It seems to be from the roof area in the center between the rear seats, there is a power amp that was factory installed underneath the seat behind the drivers seat, under the rear seat. This has happened before briefly but has always gone away but is now getting more predominant, thank you for any help anyone can provide.

It was occasional...not frequent. The music still works, but of course I can't see what channel I'm on, etc..
If you program GPS while the screen is on, it retains info when the screen goes out because when it comes back on, it remembers destination.

Googled problem suggested swapping fan relay with low beam relay and did not work

We have had to replace the transfer case and now the mechanic said he has to take apart the differential to diagnose the source of the clunking sound. He says its likely to be the front differential. The car has numerous issues and has had a lot of repair work done. Any help as I have already spent over 4K on repairs alone. Right now she is parked as the clunking/ knocking noise is incredibly loud and always in the front of the car.

The door for the boot is not working either , it was before a repair was performed but now it does not open at all.

also is it common to replace your wheel bearing twice a year?

shop states correct wiring and lamps inside the units, have been told that no other 97x owners have had similar problem, suggest replacement of complete frot assemblies! Yikes... $300-plus per unit... what to do?