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Tried replacing the shift lever but to no avail.
29K on my Audi. When doing the front brakes do I need to change the rotors as I still have 20% left on the pads.
This is a convertible, now interior repairs done so do not know how it came loose. Or is the radio just malfunctioning?
Palo Alto dealer said that they replaced the igniter and rechecked but the code persisted and the light was still on. They checked the spiral cable too and ended up ordering a new airbag (2 wks). Also repaired seatbelt. I am amazed that an Audi airbag stops functioning after 5 years. Can I take action? Do I need lawyer?
My 2004 Audi S4 4.2L CEL came on this weekend the codes are p0174 and p0175 system to rich bank 1 and 2. Check air filter and it looks clean, could this be a Mass airflow sensor? What should be my plan of attach or simply just take it into the shop?

Looking at buying a 2008 S4 with 90k miles on it and I have been reading that many of the S4's have an issue with the timing chain tensioners. I wanted advice on whether to go ahead with this purchase or not.
Repair costs
Lane B - Item # 2049 on AutoBidMaster

I have carfax report too!
My temp sensor problem started when the connector broke from being brittle lcan you please verify the pin wire location. I haved pin 1=brown&yellow pin2=brown&white pin3red&grey pin4=brown&blue. I have 2 volts in on pin 1 2 volts out on pin 4 so i'm guessing pin 1&2 from ECM & pin 2&4`````to gauge? the connector was mis wired first would that fry the gauge or ECM?
I had thermostat replaced once at 21000miles and the car was under warranty. After driving for two years, my car now has 52000miles. The car has the same problem but this this time the warranty is no longer covered.The Dealer wants to charged me for the repair. I just wondering if this part is still under warranty. Because its kind of hard to replace a new thermostat every two years. Or has some kind of recall for this issue.
can not see without pulling front clip off will not leak running at idle only when driving any clue were its coming from
It will start and runs fine and does this when car has set for at least 2 hours. Warm & hot starts are good. Morning and after work bad.
Rear diff gearings are going. I would rather rebuild it, but my mechanic wants to swap it out with a used one. Anybody have a source for rebuild kits or know of a shop in NorCal to do the work?

The light remained on after starting the car. Nothing is obviously wrong that I can hear or feel. Is ok to drive locally until I can get it looked at after the holiday weekend or do I need to keep it parked?
The issues with the car are 1)The car has an overheating problem that could either be the thermostat or the headgasket(if it's the thermostat I believe I can fix the problem myself)if it's the headgasket would an engine additive fix the problem instead of me paying big$$ for a headgasket repair? 2)The torque converter clutch is stuck open & is there a lubricant that can fix this issue? 3) abs is not working but I believe you can still drive/use the breaks with this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou!!!
Just had my secondary radiator replaced on S4 (2005). The car didnt start at the dealers (left overnight after work). Now it wont start in the morning, and doesn't seem to charge up when running the car in the day. So confused whats causing the problem. The battery wasnt disconnected during the radiator work.. Any advice?
three weeks ago, my timing belt,water pump,passenger side valve cover gasket and my alternator was changed. On Wednesday the dealer will be replacing my driver side valve cover gasket and repair my passenger side CV joint. Mileage on car 50,000 miles.
Here's what wouldn't work...door locks, windows, wipers, lights, dash, A/C and heating. Limped home. After 6 hour dry out everything went back to normal. I don't want to be caught again...can I do anything?
i checked the light and is says torque convertor, it drives just fine dont slip or anything. what could be the problem??
Anyone have a detailed diagram of where it's located? Or know where I can find one? Thanks.
it has no consistent pattern to when it happens
my car was purchased new and is under 21,000 miles
It runs fine. It has 77000 miles
I was driving on the highway today and lost power steering and the battery light came on. The voltage gauge dropped to 11V from 14V. The engine kept driving fine, despite the loss of power steering.

I've been reading and it seems like my serpentine belt has slipped off or snapped.

Does this sound right, and if yes what should I expect to pay for a replacement?
The other day on my way home my car lost power lights ect. Went to have batt. tested, said was bed, purchased new one, proceded to test whether it was getting a charge...was not, I then noticed some remnants of belt being chewed up. So my thought was the belt broke, however the power steering still, its the belt, or alternator?? Any thoghts?? The car only has 61k mi. Thank you.
What other maintenance or repairs are normally done when replacing the K03 turbos on a 2000 S4 and what should it cost?
If the dash gauge is showing 8 to 10 volts instead of the 14 it used to show, is the alternator bad? Battery is a little of a year old.
my b6 s4 has been taking a long time to start in cold weather when i turn key the car does nothing all the normal ligts appear on the dash but the motor does not turn over. and after about a minute or so of turning key on then off it finally starts this only happens when cold . I just put a new battery in yesterday and its still doing it .

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