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Lincoln LS 2004, V6. AC blows warm air out passenger vents sometimes, not always. Driver vents okay. Have been told by independent garage passenger side blend door actuator needs to be replaced, dash will have to come out to fix, expensive. Have researched Lincoln forums and am led to believe there isn't an actuator.

Got estimate from another independent garage who stated dash does not need to come out to replace and cost would be 25% of first garage. I want it fixed but am confused.
Replaced 2 alternators with new and not rebuilt alternator and it’s fine but after a couple days it seems like something is killing out the alternator. The battery icon comes on and when I remove and test the alternator it fails the tests so I have to replace it.
I heard its on firewall inside the dashboard
Everytime a vehicle comes pass my place bumping there music my alarm goes off...... it's very sensitive the electrical system to have my alarm go off at least more than 5 times a day and also my lights in the car wants to stay on when the doors are all the way closed.
steering wheel clicks everytime you turn the wheel and I took it to get a alignment check so I can see what the problem was and they told me the rack and pinion needs to be replaced before I get an alignment done. Was wanting to find how much it would cost to get it completely fixed
This happens a minimum of 2 times a day. but mostly when the car sits in sunlight for a few hours. Also when driving about an hour the car reads the front door is ajar. The car has been taken to the dealer for repair but the problem still exists.
I see 2 sensors one on each side on top of the block with green and white wires. Is this it and which one or where?
The traction control indicator light on the dashboard quite lighting, the swithch still lights on and off, but the dash does not. Besidrs seeing if the tires spin, how can i tell whats on or off?
If i wanted to purchase a used jaguar xf and it has 100,280 miles would the car run good?
Just put new tires on Lincoln ls and week later the outside of my two front tires are alrdy worn and have wires off them
I have a 2000 Lincoln ls v8 and I already changed the thermostat, put new coolant in and there is still no coolant going into the radiator hoses and the fan is not spinning, any other suggestions on what to do?
It just cut off after a wrench popped up on the dash. Now it won't stay crunk at all.
We bought a 2000 Lincoln LS V-6, one owner, faithful maintenance but I notice that when I turn a corner, the steering does not right itself unless I manually correct the steering. What is wrong? I have never had a vehicle do this. It has power steering and the car is in amazing condition otherwise. Also, at speeds of 60-70 mph the car steering seems to "float" and is not as tight as it is at lower speeds.
First time this has happened, I don't think the window broke I think it just came off the mechanism it was connected to, and the motor continued to run at first but not sure about the electronics
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