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I have a 2000 Lincoln LS V8 and when I use the A/C or heat there is a fast ticking sound coming from the center left vent. Everything functions properly, but the frequency of the sound increases as the level increases. On full blast it ticks every half second and slows down as I back it down. It's not coming from the engine just from that vent in the dash.
While driving battery light and check charging system came on, vehicle died ten minutes later. Battery has power, makes a clicking sound while trying to start
My radio will not come on
I can't get the fuel rail off the injectors I think they just pull off but I just don't want to pull to hard and break anything
car ove heating i changed water pump added new thermoistate
Charging system and overheat
I just replaced my water-pump, spark plugs cam-sensor, replaced the batter a couple of times, well any ways, it takes for ever to start, and once it starts I let it try to sit and run for a minute. Then I turn it off and try to turn it back on for testing purposes, and it doesn't start right up, I've have had this problem before. I'm the 5th owner to the vehicle, there was a wiring set up somewhere or a fuse, Idk somebody please help me, I need my vehicle.
what is the price to repair the tempature blend door actuator on 2004 Lincoln LS?
the horn will not sound
Sensors which ones are usually replaced
2006 Lincoln ls v6
Would not take Freon why
What signs show that the a.c. pressure switch is bad
Replacement driver seat
Leaking transmission fluid and white smoke is comm8ng out the tailpipe
Reverse drive 4 and 5 went out but will engage into gear but engine just revs when hitting gas pedal.... can drive with sst gears perfectly fine...there is no indications on dashboard that anything is wrong no warning light at all
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