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I removed the brake lines for
all four wheels from the ABS unit and connected them directly to the master cylinder unfortunately my pedal still goes way down it'll stop the truck but I want to know if it's because of air in the line still or what
Passlock? Won't crank, won't start, battery fully charged.
Have fuse electronic problem. No electric anything
Evap readiness monitor not ready. All others are complete. Did drive cycles and still not ready
I have a 2006 colorado 2wd automatic
When in reverse the car stands still and reves. The wierd this is when the car is in neutral it will drive away like it is in first gear. D 123 all work fine. Also the truck jumps forewars a little more then usual when going from park to drive.
My indicator light for the 4wheel drive mode both in the 4 high and 4 low will remain flashing still after shifting in inguaged. What do I need to do to solve this problem?
I have replaced my truck battery 6 times and got heavy duty batteries each time. No luck finding out whats wrong with diagnostics. It is not weather related.I thought there might be a recall for electrical problems. I have onstar but it has not been enabled.
I have a 2004 chevy colorado z85 4x4 automatic, and I'm wanting to trace my transmission. With a 2000 chevy blazer 4x4 manual transmission. Will it cross over ok??
2004 chevy colorado adding oil 3 quarts a day
My pedals have a thudding on my pedal that increases at higher speeds and my passenger side brakes and hub. The overheat to the point they are smoking. The vehicle is a 2004 Chevy colorado 3.5l
Someone put something in gas tank, it ran about week longer no problem then sudden knocking quite and oil everywhere with trash in or metal or suger
I changed calipers,front brake hoses,booster and rear cylinders. After I bleed brakes pedal is still not firm and will go to floor. When started it goes straight to floor. Any ideas?
Sometimes need to turn ignition switch off and on multiple times to make dash lights work. Sometimes radio lights/display does not work. Need to turn head lights off and on then it works. Sometimes engine will not start.(will not start) No click. No noise. Open hood. Close hood. It will start. Battery tested ok. Starter tested ok. Alternator tested ok.
I just bought a brand new 2018 ZR2 V6 8 speed transmission and I noticed that there is a hum/whine noise while driving in the first few gears. This is most noticeable when the truck is up to temperature and in stop and go traffic. In addition, when giving a moderate throttle, there is a bit of vibration throughout the drive train. I test drove an identical truck the other day and it did not have any of these issues. Any thoughts on what could be causing it? Does anyone experienced these issues?
Why is the fuel filter located on a Chevy Colorado 2006 model
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