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Jumped battery. Turned on sputtered while driving. Beeping noise would start then stop now car won't start again
I replaced pump crankshaft camshaft coil packs plugs and plug wires charcoal canister egr maf clean fuel. Won't start, however I tried jumpstart with cables backwards. Now do I need to replace ecu or. Nehelp
Car starts and idles okay, but as soon as I press the accelerator, it 'bogs' down with no power. The fuel sending unit seems to be functioning fine. And when a code reader was used on the car it said fault 440 emission. I was told this same fault could be a clogged fuel filter as well. In addition I hear a loud "hissing" noise when I put the vehicle in gear, but the hiss is not present while vehicle is in park or neutral (hole in vacuum line to transmission perhaps?). The car has 360k km on it but has only started acting up in the last month or so. Suggestions?
I fixed the alternator belt and now when I try and start the car it wont start. The engine turns over but it sounds like it is not getting spark or the starter isn't engaging.
my brake lights do not work I have checked the fuses and have replaced the brake switch what else is there
I'm driving n i reach a stop light rpm drops to 0 and my car dies
Tha water tank boiling when stopping the car. I loose mount of water. Is it normal?
My neighbor tried to jump there truck with my car and put the cables on backwards check engine light came on and over drive light keeps flashing took it to auto zone for diagnostic test they said it was a censor
Need to know where are the timing marks oncar
Need the timing marks on car
What car models share the same engine as mine 98 sazuki esteem glx 1.6 liter what model share compatible engines
t5 price is 5
Whenever I start my car or leave the lights on when I turn my car off, there was a ring, but now it stopped and I'm wordering where I could find that speaker in the dash. I've been looking for it but I can't find it.
The blower motor did not shut off after removing the key. It operates now but the acc light stays on and by morning the battery is dead.
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