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I fixed the alternator belt and now when I try and start the car it wont start. The engine turns over but it sounds like it is not getting spark or the starter isn't engaging.

my brake lights do not work I have checked the fuses and have replaced the brake switch what else is there

I'm driving n i reach a stop light rpm drops to 0 and my car dies

Tha water tank boiling when stopping the car. I loose mount of water. Is it normal?

My neighbor tried to jump there truck with my car and put the cables on backwards check engine light came on and over drive light keeps flashing took it to auto zone for diagnostic test they said it was a censor

Need to know where are the timing marks oncar

Need the timing marks on car

What car models share the same engine as mine 98 sazuki esteem glx 1.6 liter what model share compatible engines

t5 price is 5

Whenever I start my car or leave the lights on when I turn my car off, there was a ring, but now it stopped and I'm wordering where I could find that speaker in the dash. I've been looking for it but I can't find it.

The blower motor did not shut off after removing the key. It operates now but the acc light stays on and by morning the battery is dead.

It had trouble turning over - thought it was MAS so replaced. Now it turns over, runs (still roughly) but has bad smell and smoke from front left side under the metal cover that has the "no hand" symbol.

Differs from your estimate. Is this too much to pay?

Whenever I put it in drive it remains in one gear and does not change no matter how much I accelerate. If I start in 1 or 2 it behaves the same way. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

after starting, while idling and while driving down the road long ways or not, beeps constantly and is very annoying

cual es el torgue que se le da a los tornillos de la tapa de bloque

Anything I should know? Lost the key need a new one? Hard to replace? Locksmith Suzuki or some other better way?

At times the car won't turn on. I hear the engine turn over but it just won't crank as I turn the key. If I jump the car it then cuts on and drives with no problems. This happens sometimes as often as multiple times in one day to as few as 2 weeks apart and has been occurring for the last 5-6 months or more. I troubleshooted that maybe something was draining the battery while the car was off and purchased a battery disconnector that I turned on/off when entering and exiting the car...I saw no significant change...when reconnecting the battery sometimes the car still didn't start without a jump. The battery has been tested at multiple locations and I've been told it's good. The alternator was changed 2-3 years ago. I've surmised that it's some problem with electrical conduction, but do not know where it derives. It never stalls out so how can it be the alternator? It just won't turn back on at times without jumping the car. It's annoying, what needs to be repaired? (I DO NOT LEAVE LIGHTS ON, THE CAR IS IN PARK AND THE IGNITION IS IN OFF POSITION)

I have tried to pullup manually while using key but won't work..
how can i remove door so i can get the panel off

I have a 1998 Suzuki Esteem, 4 door sedan. The passenger/rear outside door handle is broken, which I know how to repair, but haven't gotten the part for yet. My dilemma, is that apparently the manual child safety lock slipped down prior to the door closing the last time, and now the door cannot be opened from the inside either. I'm considering trying to access the safety lock area from the inside of the car, using a tool to push the switch back up. The other alternative I come up with is breaking out the outside door handle to gain access. Thoughts?

How do I Leon if it's the fuel pump