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put in new battery car was sitting for 6 months. Will crank but not turn over.
The horn is going off when every pressure is applied to the top or bottom of the steering wheel rim. Removed the airbag and I don't see any shorted wires. The horn wire goes to a spring loaded contact near the center of the wheel. Appears to be a brass disk located behind the steering wheel that the horn contact makes connection to for the horn circuit. Is this part of the clock spring or a separate part? Does someone have a good parts breakdown for the upper steering column for this vehicle?
Need to reset the theft system
Changed the altinator and battery
This is the first time it's happened I have had the car about a year now
Old switch factory, new switch came from a similar year Malibu everything works and fits but horn stays on. I left the screw out when I installed so the horns contact doesn't hit the plate the turn signal s work, but its my wife's car and she needs a horn any ideas?
My parents' 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass has all of a sudden decided that it wants to act like it is not getting gas through the fuel lines after it's been filled up with gas unless they let it run for about 5 to 10 minutes in order for it to warm up. Is there any reason why that happens? Please help?
It ran fine for two days and the will turn over now but only stays on for less then a minute
96Ford f350 needs water removed from gas tank
Except my gear lites
What do you think the problem is
on the car
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