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Because of shorting of electrical

Changed the battery and alternator and now the panic alarm keeps coming on and difficult to stop. What can I do?

Example toyota corolla is 200,000 with proper maintenance

My Murano was ruining fine over the weekend and when i left for work this morning the service engine soon light wad blinking and it was not running right at all. Shaking and loud... anyone have any idea what this could be???

I have read blogs about the cvt and am interested in buying a 2010 low mileage car.

door lock do not work

the brakes work good except when you slow down and turn in you can hear a clicking sound. and another thing is what causing a bumping sound in the floor board when going slow

just started doing this, also the battery light is on.

How much would it be to fix


I have a 2007 nissan murano and my drivers side headlight is dimmed like a flashlight low on batteries. I changed the bulb and it is still dim. Even when i use my high beams. I cleaned the connection but still no luck. My friend wiggled the wires and it seemed to go bright. I just want to know if its expensive to fix the wire connection on my headlight.

the driver power seat seems to slip or shift forward and backwards about a inch or two when locked in a certain position. it will not do this if the seat is all the way back or all the way forward, only does this in between positions..I'm Not a Robot.

Haven't had an oil change in a while and Service Engine Soon light is on. Also just inflated all tires.

How to fix the convertible top

Noises when shifting in first. No acceleration on turns. Car finally stopped moving. Gears will take 5 seconds to shift. Has there been a recall on this?

Noises when shifting in first. No acceleration on turns. Car finally stopped moving.

My AC won't turn off! It remains on high. I can't turn it off and I can't seem to figure out why.

I need to know how many engine mount supports does the the 2004 Nissan Murano have.

I need to know how many engine mount supports does the the 2004 Nissan Murano have.

I believe it read "step moitore " the car has less power and read code "p1778"

i have vdc sensor on how much cost to fixed a mehanic told me need to change tie rod lining both

We had an oil leak then did an oil change everything seemed to go back to normal then started leaking even worst, I believe the part were it is coming from is the oil cooler behind the part where the oil filter screws in, so we tried to replace the gasket during which the coolant line was knocked off and we lost alot of coolant. The gasket was to big so we put water in to be able to make it to auto parts store and now it's overheating and fluctuating. Any thoughts or suggestions it only has 73k miles on it. oh and the check engine light came on after the oil change and we never ere able to get the change oil light to go off after changing it, it also made a rattle sound kinda like a stuck lifter when accelerating.

the bolts that hold the trunk u clamp r gone how do i re place them

seems to be the problem is it the rely or else., i even done the diagnostic test scanner shows that every thing is okay. please advice..

Charge battery an still wont start add oil an water to raidor still wont start tierd everything wont start have recall on it help me

Seems all muranos fail at the upper clamp site.

where do i lode the 12 C D changer in the Nissan Murano and where is it located i have no clue please respond TONY

Think I have a bad motor mount as well. Vibration at accelerating and while at a crushing speed

Problem occurs after coming to a stop and then upon accelerating

While I drive the car it automatically shuts off