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I need to replace it
Went into dealership for an oil change and within a week had a crack in the radiator. I was concerned about the timing ...could the dealership have accidentally or intentionally damaged the radiator. Are my concerns reasonable..
My drivers seat is broke, backseat door wont open , horn doesnt work airbag is in default. Cigarette lighter brole, rear harch lock broke, when you ublock tbe door wibdows roll down. And i still owe 9000.00 on it help
Car stalls when accelerate , winding sound like an airplane , act likes wants to kill when breaking ,once park , anti theft system comes on car won't start . Took to ammaco they diagnose as bad transmission it's sending out several codes. Nissan says indeed ipdm replaced ,the reason Nissan replaced transmission cause I was having problem with the anti theft ,would comes on once I get to my destination car won 't start get car towed once they take off truck it start . No leaks

When I click the maintenance button only the tire pressure works.The joy stick won't move
Had someone replace my alternator, idle pulley, ignition coil #5, all spark plugs, air filter, and a gasket. Engine is noiser than before, sounds amost like the tapping from when oil is low (from the inside of car). I always had to check oil before because it was low. Upon getting it back, oil was all the way up the stick. I'm guessing from the gas. Never been that full before. Smoke is starting to come from tailpipe, and code P0171 just came up. Had code checked at auto zone and it says Bank 1 System is too lean for a predetermined period of time. It suggests reinstalling the air intake duct. And there is a small leak on front right, but i think its the power steering fluid. He couldnt figure out where the power steering oil pressure sensor went. And spark plug seals i bought wasnt used. Any suggestions on what problem is and how to fix? Thanks in advance.
I have replaced my bad coil on plugs, but still the new ones got burnt , heats up. What causes it to heat up.
I bought a new 2017 Maruno and would like to know when the first oil change should be.
Air Condition and Heater Won’t Come On, I can The click but nothing happens
Heating on if temperatures up to 40f if 1 to 35 is not working the fan not working
The radio worked some of the time and gradually stopped working all together. Fuses seem fine. Should I just replace the radio or is there something else it could be?
The car was running and it just cut off and when jumped it off it the radio didn't work
I get good heat blowing when on defrost , but no heat blows out when I set the control to the floor. I took it to the dealer and they said it works ok. I told them that it's really cold on my legs when I drive on the freeway. They honestly told me that I shouldn't drive on the freeway when the temperature is below 10 degrees. This was the biggest load of BS I've ever heard. Please help if you can by giving me a reasonable explanation of what the problem could possibly be. The car is under warranty and I honestly believe that the dealer wants to wait for it to expire. Thanks a lot.
My VDC light keeps coming on not the off on the one next to it as well as the emergency brake light pops on and off
I touch the driver door handle alarm goes off freezes up lock wont shut off when key put in ignition
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