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When u give it gas to take off it bogs down & doesnt want to go But if I turn the car off and turn it on again it’s will work normal
It’s happened 3-4 times a day
Every two to three days it needs more oil it smokes like crazy right after adding oil then stops and no problem
There is clear finish curling off very quickly from the outside of our car. It is so awful. My car looks like a horrible. reminds me of rough looking old car in dump. The car runs well, is so comfortable, & perfect for us now in retirement. so Troubled by this, plus sad to look upon and embarrassing to have parking in our retirement home.
Car won’t start, won’t boost, no dashboard lights, start button flickering, key pod holder flickering, brake pedal won’t depress
sometimes fan when turned on Will make a squealing noise.turn it off and back on ok. other times it does it again. been this way for a week. now service engine soon came on 1/4/18.

but 1/4/18
So the heat will work in my 07 murano on defrost and all other modes on all speeds but blow ice cold air after about 10 minutes and only will blow hot again if you switch between defrost and other modes in my vehicle. No one I have talked to seems to know the answer.
When u accelerate
i broke the front axle aout a year ago and had it replaced along with motor mounts. i had a starter put in recently and the mechanic said i had a broken motor mount. that was the day before this happened. Im the only one that drives this car and i dont curb hop or burn rubber from stop signs. why would my motor mounts be breaking
2014 Nissan Murano fish tail to left when you hit bump
I am working on a 09 murano. The car runs good but when put in drive it will shut off. It will not move. Battery light is on. But no codes are being thrown when put a scanner. Ehat is causing this and how can i fix it
We hit the reset button after the car was fueled and the display does not come on the instrument paneel which gives you current mileage average speed and miles distance to empty
I can't get into my cars hood due to the cable being broken.
Turn key to accessory, wait 10-15 seconds and it will start. You can hear the fuel pump while you wait
im getting a loud rattleing sound under my hood every time I press hard on excelerate i hear cowbell ringing? what could be the problem
It's not consistently on. It came on this morning all the way to work. I crank it at 11 to come back home and it's not on at all. It's happened like this off and on for several weeks. It may go off for 3 to 4 days or a whole week before it comes back on again. Could this be a sensor going bad or something else.
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