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I’m usage what I consider to be a lot of fuel on a daily basis, I went on a 280 mile drive round trip and used an entire tank of fuel. It was completely full when I left and had to refuel 70 miles from home.
My 2006 nissan murrano starter behaves in a funny way. It may start at times work properly but the moment i park it'llnot start again I've changed fuel pumps several times but this won’t settle the issue. Anyone with solutions
Coming home from work one day on the highway and all of a sudden the car lost power and I drifted to a stop on the side of the road. The car was still running, so I tried to accelerate and it topped out around 25 mph & 35 if I pushed it, but the RPM was through the roof. I limped it home at 25 and noticed that if I stopped it would take 10-15 seconds to get back to 25MPH. I've parked it in the driveway and checked it just now. Recharged the battery, gave it a start and once it was a temperature checked underneath. The webbed part on the Y pipe was smoking on the drivers side. Was going to try again tonight to see if I could see glowing catalytic converters. Before I shut it down, I let it roll back, placed it in D and floored it. Only go around 1K RPM, dash shook to violently and the car slowly crawled back up the driveway. I do not have any codes to read before or after the recharge. I am stumped. Please help.
I have heard that it gadgets may have been damaged?
My 2004 Nissan murano (automatic) will not move when shifted into any gear and can only be pushed if engine is turned off and shifted into neutral. I can move the shifter easily but it will not move when pushing on accelerator. You can’t even move it in neutral unless the car is turned off. Battery is fine, transmission fluid is fine, fuses check out good, brakes aren’t locked and axles look good. Everything else in the vehicle works fine.
The check engine light has since gone out. The vehicle had lost power & stalled. It started again. A friend used a device to see what the problem was. It indicated a sensor would be replaced. Since the light has gone out, I wasn't certain if there wold still be a problem.
Would this indicate a problem or a faulty bulb or fuse?
As soon as I insert my key fob, the car tells me to take the key fob back out
My remotes won't work have to go in with just the attached key manually and I push on the brake to start the car and nothing complete dead but has a new alternator and new battery
All happened at the aame time
I've purchased this car in February this year have been using it fine til yesterday. Went to open the car and both fobs won't open the car so I used the key to open the car door. Put the key in the ignition and car did not budge a bit, no crank no lights no start. The driver seat can usually be pushed back with the use of the side button on driver seat when the engine is off but this time nothing also. I've not left the headlights on overnight (never do!) or anything. The car was fine when I parked it the day before. We attempted to jumpstart the car with my husbands car but the murano still did not start.
Seem,like it wasn't getting gas
Car will start but always quits like the fuel stops . Has 3/8 tank . Like a plugged filter or weak fuel pump! All power to the dash remains. From my mechanical experience i would guess it is the fuel pump relay . Starts every time but quits in 3-4 seconds
It crank over once and everything shut off. like as if there is no battery. I checked all the fuses and they look fine. could a bad starter cause that to happen?
Keys worked fine when we bought a year ago from dealer. Use the key port install when driving but does not help. Our first trouble came when oil change was due & it took several tries to bring the computer up to get id #. Have had off & on trouble with it recognizing commands but this is annoying

I have a similar issue as a previous post. When I turn the key, all lights work and I can hear a slight clicking sound, but the engine does not engage. I have been able to start the car in the past by turning the key rapidly until the car starts. At first, I thought it had something to do with the security system; however, now I wonder whether it could be a bad starter or door lock actuator.
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