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This has happened three times in the last two weeks. I pull up to a gas station or a convenience store, turn off the engine for a short period of time and the engine won't turn-over and I hear a single click like there's not enough juice in the battery to crank the engine. All the accessories work as if the battery is fully charged. In fact, I put in a new battery about a month ago.

The engine eventually turns over as I move the gear shift from Low to Park several times to see if it the problem rests with the neutral switch not being fully engaged. Any ideas?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's warm and just been run
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
car died, replaced 7 yr old battery & drove home, bad altenator but drove car to work (about .5 mile) for 3 days, P0603 appeared intermitently, installed new altenator and after about 25 miles P0603 appeaered again. we reset code but it comes back aftershort trip. i have cleaned and reseated cables and connectors all the way to the ECM, but code comes back.
Car runs smoothly, but shuts down when the temperature gets to half, shuts down and won't start until it cools down
I was driving home from my local vet center and when I was pushing the gas pedal I started to hear a clicking and I then let off the gas and it stopped and when I depressed the gas pedal again the service engine soon light came on and I took it to autozone this morning and they pulled a P0011 code from the motor any advice would be of help .
Several months ago the brake pedal would do down to the floor occasionally. The mechanic could find nothing wrong. Last Week the pedal started doing down to the floor but the car did stop. The mechanic replaced the master cylinder and all the brake pads. After bleeding the brakes the pedal still goes all the way to the floor.
My murano temp hand goes up while sitting still but when I drive off it goes back to normal. No sign of overheating under the hood.
At all. What could it be!
put new camshaft sensors, then crankshaft sensor was good then service engine light came on, checked code read PO744 torque converter clutch circuit intermittent. Help!
What else could be the problem
what could it be?
poor acceleration, replaced plugs,and cat converters replaced.
When in motion my car locks up completely. I have children in it daily and this is very dangerous. My aunt has called Nissan and all they had to say was go have a Nissan professional go over it at your cost! It was a used car when I got it and has done since I bought it. They didn't know what was wrong either. I'm taking a wild guess and saying electrical. Some advice or answers would be great
A lawn mower. Could all of these issues be related to the emissions vapor vent?
codes read camshaft position sensor so i cleaned and changed both but still codes are saying camshaft sensor why?
Before all this n the code said camshaft sensor I replaced both still nothing help plzz
service engine light came on checked codes 1st was camshaftposition sensor 2nd was crankshaft position sensor bought both they look the same. Are they?
Because of shorting of electrical

Changed the battery and alternator and now the panic alarm keeps coming on and difficult to stop. What can I do?
Example toyota corolla is 200,000 with proper maintenance
My Murano was ruining fine over the weekend and when i left for work this morning the service engine soon light wad blinking and it was not running right at all. Shaking and loud... anyone have any idea what this could be???
I have read blogs about the cvt and am interested in buying a 2010 low mileage car.
door lock do not work
the brakes work good except when you slow down and turn in you can hear a clicking sound. and another thing is what causing a bumping sound in the floor board when going slow
just started doing this, also the battery light is on.
How much would it be to fix
I have a 2007 nissan murano and my drivers side headlight is dimmed like a flashlight low on batteries. I changed the bulb and it is still dim. Even when i use my high beams. I cleaned the connection but still no luck. My friend wiggled the wires and it seemed to go bright. I just want to know if its expensive to fix the wire connection on my headlight.
the driver power seat seems to slip or shift forward and backwards about a inch or two when locked in a certain position. it will not do this if the seat is all the way back or all the way forward, only does this in between positions..I'm Not a Robot.
Haven't had an oil change in a while and Service Engine Soon light is on. Also just inflated all tires.
How to fix the convertible top

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