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The rpm gauge fluctuates upon acceleration in overdrive in a uphill pull. Idles fine. On level grades there's no problem.
No ground from pcm to relay
No start no crank power from in switch yo pcm but no relay command from p
Problem occurred when shorter person adjusted the seat to close up position . . . now appears to be jammed and nothing works. Not even the raise/;lower lever.
Transponder not communicating with computer there for wont turn over. Have in the past been able to start car by dislocating the sucurity bracket arround iginition and slip key through opening then aftervdestroying iginition i can turn broken iginition cylinder by hand. Now a wire is broke frim board fron jousing unit and can not touch on board any longer to turn car over enough to start. After wire broken from board no morevignition
They won't come on.I can drive,my other lights work.
So I'm having the same problem with my break light and dinging sound. I discontented the wire going the the E break but it is still dinging and the light is still on. What elts should I look at?
My hazard fuse in my 07 Buick rendezvous keeps blowing when I put the car in reverse or drive
My check engine light goes off after a while and only does it when my speed is high. It also makes a grinding noise when the thermostat is a lil over the half mark and I accelerate but when I take my foot off the gas and accelerate again it stops.
My engine is showing coolant overheating light on .
My Engine light has shown on for a few months.
I have replace a busted radiator hose and a busted bypass hose to the water pump. Still the coolant light is on. There has been a release of air also.
I have a 2003 Buick rendezvous & in order for me to start it I have to jump the solenoid, at first the alternator was bad so I replaced it but still wasn't starting, so I replaced the starter, it had been sitting 4 months so I had to get the battery recharged as well. But now that the battery is fully charged i have to jump the solenoid for it to start it up. I let it run about a hour & a half then cut it off & it turned on when I tried right after that but it didn't cut on when I tried about 30 minutes later.
When it loses power I can press my gas and it has a popping noise and a little back fire. Have replaced the ecm check vac hoses and wiring and throttle body
The service engine soon light was flashing on and the car started riding hard and vibrating. Car was slowing down and picking up, so I got gas but that didn't help.
problem has been constant for 6 months
Front door doors windows driver and passenger side will only go up and down when the doors are in the open position
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