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It had a check engine light on them one day it start hesitating while driving like it wasn't getting fuel or fuel problem then all my dash lights and gauges quit working period I had bought a ecu from a junk yard don't know if it's good or bad but plugged it in nothing changed

Acceleration is good when engine is cold but after approx 10 mile run in the heat 110 F or more acceleration becomes very weak. Engine temp is good. Car runs good once it get to 20mph or so

you can move them side to side

Changed column but it wont start why

When im driving sometime it wont pic up speed,but after i put my foot on the gas it jets off

The dashboard is not running the speedometer and gas gauge which is a problem. I don't know how to fix it and hope you can help me fix it

Having trouble finding the lighter fuse

changed ignition switch because it would not start after seven tries even with gas pedal depressed

Memory seat set double beep sounds sporadically and seat movement switches and power side mirrors don't work all the time


The key will not turn in the ignition lock. I'm a very inclined mechanic myself, and I'm going to replace the cylinder lock, but to remove it you need to be able to turn the key. Is there anything I can do to get it to turn other than drilling out the tumblers? I've tried everything normal, turning the wheel, moving the shifter, making sure there is nothing inside it etc. No matter what I do though it will not turn, and I've tried both of my keys.
I wasn't sure if there was a release for it to allow me to turn it or something of the sort. Any help is appreciated.
I already have the trim removed around the steering wheel and access to the lock.

I'm curious to see what the cost is and what caused it

Engine light keeps coming on. .Have had the code pulled twice. Been told low voltage. Had complete diagnostic done at dealer. Was told they couldn't find anything wrong. Afraid car is going to die on me . Car drives nicely. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

My car has been parked for 3 years and has not been started at all and now I have charged the battery but it will not start it will start if it is hot wired only for a min with a new battery... All the lights flash like its a security issue?? The key im using is a replacement original was lost long ago Im the 1st and only owner any suggestions

My engine is frozen up I need to replace it. How much time does it take to do that

Now car noise increase when I accelerate, Some time when I stop at traffic light the car makes loud rattling noise example (loose pipes that need clamps to prevent exhaust moving?

2005 rendezvous

will read codes AM tomorrow...thanks

r and r rear hub now abs and awd light comes on and engine performance is sub par

Need to know correct air pressure for all tire's on the SUV.

behind engine

Replaced one front wheel hub, caliber, rotor, brakes.Bleed fluid twice now. Still no brakes. What are we doing wrong or what's next to troubleshoot lack of breaking and feeling of petal sinking?

Just had it serviced for emissions testing... also had it checked to see if it was the battery, alternator,or starter they're all good.

heater blower isn't blowing I need to know what number the fuse is and is there another fuse under the hood for the blower

Need to find out where the ecm is so I can get a part number

the engine acts like it has no power when stepping on throttle alittle hard like to pass you have to floor it or let off then it is fine but if stepping on it it losses power we have changed coils spark plugs & wires any suggestions there is not any codes and when scanned there is not any codes or problems on scanner.

Dash lights go crazy

Wondering how to unlock my radio

when it want start It makes a clicking sound when i turn ignition and some time when i release the key the clicking continues for a second. It starts right away when I hook battery charger up. once or twice when i turn ignition on and i here clicking if i continuously press accelerator pedal it will start. sometime it will start for 3-4 days and then i have problem once twice a day lights radio heat all works..

Need to change the gas filter don't know where to look