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I had a intermittent starting issue (crank no start) that seems to have manifested itself into a no crank no start. When this first happened I jumped it and it slowly started and ran. I got the battery tested and it was bad. I replaced the battery with a new one that was tested and proven good. Once I put it in the car, it still started slowly but ran and drove. I shut it off and left it for about 3 hours. When I came back and tried to start it, it cranked but seemed to gradually get slower then completely stopped. No crank at all when I turned the key. I checked battery voltage and it showed 12.69v and tested good again. I probed the yellow wire from the ignition switch with a test light when the key is in the start position and it did light up. Hit the starter with a hammer with no result. I switched relays around but still nothing. Crank relay has constant and cranking voltage. Fuses are good. Check engine light stays on in crank position. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Car will not start in park , only in neutral
It's a 02 and it just recently started having this issue. Most of the time it just cranks and doesn't start but sometimes it starts up with a loud choking/grinding type noise and runs for 2-3 seconds then stalls (no "bad sounds" when running). It used to only happen maybe once a week but now it doesn't really ever start at all. Fuel pump tested, pressure is good and the coil packs and spark plugs were replaced 4000km ago. It doesn't show any codes and in the odd time it starts and runs as it should, it idles rough and feels like the rpms drop too much then it surges back up constantly. I tired to push the accelerator all the way down when starting to eliminate the TPS but it still only cranked. No issues when accelerating to pass someone or just normal driving. It doesn't die when I come to a stop or floor it but once I shut it off, that's it. Usually I have to wait at least 36 hrs before it will start up and even then it mostly just cranks and cranks but never starts. Thanks.
I have 2007 buick renevous suv i have problem if i put the gear in drive and shept 3 its not running or working but if i put the gear in reverse and shept 2 is working i am only asking what is the problem of my car? Do i need to change the transmission? But i am wondering if the transmission is broken why the reverse and 2 still working pls help what im gonna do.
It has a clicking noise when trying to start it. There's a weird smell when it is running. Will adding a gas treatment help at ALL?
Trying to figure out humming noise becoming louder...
Sound louder at 45mph and up
While backing up my front end right side popped really loud. Now my ABS/TRACTION CONTROL light is on . I'd like to have a estimated cost too repair
I have a 2002 Buick rendezvous with 130k miles on it. Gaskets are all fine. Replaced water pump, temp sensor, and thermostat. You can drive the suv about 2 miles and it over heats. Thinking we have a clogged radiator but not exactly sure. When it over heats the resivoir tank sucks in a little and once you shut the car off the coolant rushes into the overflow tank. Almost like a vacuum once you turn off the car it flows fast. What the hell is going on with this damn thing? Tired of dumping money into it left and right I want it fixed!!
New blower motor, blower motor resister . Has power but doesn't go on. What am I missing?
seems to make a noise when you start driving. Also when you drive or turn corners it makes a almost a grunting sound
within the last week my 2006 Rendezvous has started to NOT sense when it is in Park. At the bank drive thru the door locks started to flip on and off all by themselves and the little bar under the P in park was not showing up. Went into gear just fine. Stopped for lunch and when I can out and turned the key nothing. no clicking, no grinding - nothing. however all the electrical items worked just time. Touched the brake peddle to see if I could adjust the shifter (it was in park) and the peddle locked. Fiddled around with the shifter for a few minutes and then the brake peddle released and it started like nothing was wrong. any ideas?
The car will start and run but it seems as if it's missing every once and a wile it will shut off

It reads error were the miles go. When I try to hook up scan tool it will connect to vehicle
Wanting to know if there's a difference in windshield size? Between windshield with / without on star option. Since I don't use I don't see any reason to pay $500.00 for a windshield.
I replaced the spark plugs and wires on my 2002 Rendezvous. When I finished there was a square white plug in left with 4 female ends. It must be tied in with the ignition because the car will not start.
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