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Changed bulb and fuse
To tow the car 3 fuses have to be removed. Could not lock the car with the remote so locked each door separately. When time to run the car for 5 minutes opening the driver side door and reaching over to unlock the passenger side set the alarm off. Remote would not work without the fuses in and the car won't start with out the fuses. A person has to get to the backseat floor for the two fuses there. So how do we do this without setting of alarms?

what is the normal temperature at which a traverse 2012 should work, since I just bought one and when I am stopped in some traffic jam, the indicator goes up above 210, this last time the indicator went up to 222.5
On my 2012 traverse I have no power to fuse for it I have tested pump with 12 jumper an it works fine replaced relay with know good one no change
the used engine the customer supplied had cut wiring harness so we had to use the harness from the original engine. after we reinstalled everything went to start and no crank, put the scanner on and it can't communicate with the pcm. check what i believe are all grounds and connectors to distribution box and pcm and everything looks good.
Hi I have 2010 Chevrolet traverse ls .
2 days ago I got issue on it .
The A/C not operate. And once I fire the engine the coolant fan goes on slowly but after 1 minute will go crazy at the fully speed . Even when the car is cold or hot. The same issue. I don't have any check engine light or codes . The temperature is less than 210 on the gage and stable like normal.
So what you think about it??
Twice in the last month my Travers has shut down while driving (lost power steering and brakes) and the engine reduced power light came on and the car died. It is in the shop now and they are saying there is water in the gas tank...the same thing I was told last time. What are the chances of this happening twice? I filled up at different gas stations in different cities. Could this be a real mechanical issue or is it more likely someone has been tampering with it?
My dash lights won't turn on in my 2012 Chevy Traverse. I started my car and nothing would light up. While driving down the road and hitting a bump, the lights come on. Shut car off once at destination and restart and same problem. All other lights work - dome light and headlights. This problem just started today, 04/09/18.
When car is put in drive, it accelerates on its own, without my using gas pedal and sounds like a race car.
Do not hear any clicking. nothing happens.
When I fill the petrol to half of the tank then the indicator is moving very slowly and after a while it decreases in spite of not moving.
My Traverse feels like it is rolling over something periodically on the driver rear side as I drive. I was told it was the front struts which have now been replaced, but it is still doing it. Then I was told it was the torque converter in the transmission. Help, please. It occurs every time I drive regardless of the distance. It feels like the rear left tire is literally rolling over several things on the road.
It had 1/4 tank of gas. Just Incase the sending unit was bad added 5 gallons of gas. It started and ran rough. Drove 100 yards and quite again and won’t start at all. The engine turns over but won’t fire.
Inside tire wear on the rear tires...ita obvious by the naked eye the rear tires are leaning inward
I just purchased a 2009 Chevy Traverse and when I stop for more than a couple of minutes like at a red light my pol pressure low, stop engine warning shows and my oil light dings. What is that? I've has the oil checked and it is full. I was told that I need an oil change. I had it hooked up to 2 different machines that read nothing is wrong
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