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I can charge battery then it starts but later it's totally dead key stuck in ignition
does it have to go to dealer
The heat in the front of my car works fine but the back of the car just blows cold air when I try to turn on the heat.
There is only ——-F in the Driver Information Center and the AC not work, where I can find the ambient temperature sensor so I can replace it.
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Drove the car to work about 30 miles. Got to stop light by work car stopped running no warning lights. Tried to start car it won't start.
The wife drove to work this morning. About 30 miles and at stop light by work it stop running and won't start up. There was no warning lights. It has never done this before.
it have did the same thing for couple of days in a row
The several 2 amp test fuses did not lightup
fan will not come on, but will run if 12 volts put on it, replaced resistor, no help, lights on hvac control switches will not come on when pressed
No heat or blower won't come on.. tried replacing the fan still nothing? Just bought the car
While driving on freeway, a row of round red lights on dashboard flashed and alarm beeped about three times then stopped. This has happened three or four times since vehicle was purchased 2-14-15. It has happened while driving at lower speeds also.
Hard to steer when start to go or going slow...I have check power steering fluid it is okay.
I have a 2009 traverse. I had the check engine light code come back as exhaust camshaft sensor. So i put the new sensor in and it still ran rough. Upon further research I started reading about timing chain problems that cause the CEL to show the code for that sensor. You can definitely tell it's out of time. Anyone else dealt with thus?
On the way to work my Traverse started to hesitate and the engine started to sputter after getting on the express way. looking at the dash board warnings started flashing on the screen. traction control is off, then traction control is on, no oil pressure stop engine, then check engine light came on, then the screen went back to normal, then the low air pressure light came on and then the change oil light came on. as i pulled over to the side of the road the engine stopped, and the lights dimmed. once the vehicle stopped, I put the car in park, and tried to start the engine and it would not turn over, and the lights dimmed. After getting the car home I changed the battery, and then tried to restart the car, and it would not turn over. all it would do is hum and the lights would dim.
2014 traverse 40000 miles the engine fan came on, the coolant was empty in the overflow. The dealer want $2000 for battery, sensor and 2 the Shafts the spark plugs go in. How can this be three years old 40,000 miles
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