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When driving at night the steering wheel has volume control and the cruise control that can't be seen are there lights that could be out?
Hatch door don’t latch at all
My Q56 has been parked for like a year now, then Recently I realise the oil is leaking, I check I found that there is no oil in the transmission, then we replace the oil , so after that we try to move the it, it will start and move a little bit and stop and it doesn't goes on reverse as well
I had to have my car jump started. It was after that when I noticed the radio had no sound.
rear tailgate will not stay up, struts have been replaced.
My key closes the doors and activates the alarms but he ignition switch fashioned back to nowhere
My controls on my steering wheel does not work nor does my horn. Can you tell me what could be the problem please
The fuel door is suposed to be locked when the car is locked but mine doesnt do that is unlock all the time... I can see the pin the locks the door moving when I unlock or lock the car but it never comes out completely...
Everything else on the monitor operates.
Is this related to the fuel leak recal
Where can i check if it is a fuze??
Could it be the variable blower control module?
Blend door actuator?
There's a ticking sound from my engine when I turn on the car and the a/c isn't very cold
I had a front end accident and now the truck shakes when I start it and when im driving.I had to replace hood,bumper,radiantor, support bar, etc..
I have tried to put the ac on auto and changed the mode . It still blows full blast . What is causing this ?
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