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The vehicle does not appear as a real vehicle in the top view on the 360 degree camera view. A square box appears in place of the picture of the vehicle. On the left side where a camera would be is an "X". I believe it is letting me know that that particular camera is out. Could it be a fuse or does the camera have to be replaced?
The picture normally shows the vehicle from the top, now it does not
I just replaced my battery on my QX56 2007. Then when I went to leave, the car did not start, no noise or nothing. Then I did it again and it started.
When put in reverse the screen is blank no picture appear on screen
The audio controls on the steering wheel are not working.
The screen on dash won’t come on. Radio a/c working but screen isn’t showing anything
Had to boost yesterday to start, a car with a key inside of it is showing up in red on the dashboard lights? What does this mean also code p1606 popped up on a engine scan what is meaning on code?
Most of the warning lights, with the exception of the engine light, in the dash stay on. Tried to get a code reading but nothing comes up.
2008 QX56. Battery went bad. Replaced it. Dash lights up and lights work. But car won’t start. Makes no sound when turning ignition.
im looking for an original spoiler for my 2004 qx56 but I only find spoilers for the 2006 model. will the 2006 qx56 spoiler fit the 2004 qx56
Same question about my steering wheel not going down. You said it might be the actuator. I looked it up and was wondering if you were talking about an air-rear actuator.
First my drivers side door stopped closing. Then, I got in my vehicle to move it into my garage and the steering wheel would not come back down to a driving position. The black button would not work either.
Front fan will not turn on. Checked fuses
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