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1994 Mazda 929
when 1st start can rev freely until it comes back under 2000 then wont go above it, like its in limp mode.or starving for gas. have replaced plugs, distributer cap, throttle position sensor, water temp sensor.
car will start and run but will not shift out of park to drive, push release on side of shifter stays in one gear.also gauges on dash will not register
I have replaced the battery and the starter an still nothing. I was told it might be a fuse bt I can't find it anywhere in any auto part store.
remove and replace starter
I replaced the starter and battery. I put on new battery ends. The starter will engaged but want spin. I traced the ignition wire and checked it with a volt meter it read 12v when I turned the switch to actually crank the car. When I plug the ignition wire into the wire that runs to the starter the volt meter read 7.5v,so I took a jumper wire and bypassed the wire leading to the starter the meter read 12v but when I hooked it to the starter the still wouldn't crank. It just make a click sound like the battery is dead or the starter is bad.
Replaced the compressor and added 2 cans of ac/oil last summer and stayed cold the whole summer, didn't used it the winter months, an.d now it doesn't blow cold
It has a new battery new alternator when going up a inclin the car loses power. The battery,starter,alternator was tasted and fine
what do i do to it
Seems as if it could be in the ignition switch or an anti-theft issue. Any ideas??? Thanks!
i need a estimate on a rebuilt tranny.
and the car will start sputtering then the engine will start racing
Mechanic replaced belts with water pump. Sound comes from inside air compressor.
It seems to be "overheating" and "burning fluid" out of the radiator. The overflow is fine but I have to add to the radiator and I do not see a leak ANYWHERE. The pressure is fine, and the cap was just changed and the thermostate is one year old and the water pump is two years old. I even changed the fan clutch. I cannot find a drop leaking anywhere.
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