Mercedes-Benz 300D Questions

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how much does it cost to have the fuel injectors changed?
Would like to know how to check the current and working condition of the glow plug relay before buying a new relay or new glow plugs. Plugs are 3 years old.
I was driving in snow the other day and it was slipping all over the place does it have a button for traction
My question is on using the service .
My interior light does not come on when when I open either door. The light does come on with the light switch. Is there more than one light in there and how do I get to the bulb(s)?
The car lost power when driving and was only going 5 mph. What may this be?
car smoke when frist starting. what can i do to stop from smoking
My MB is actually 82 It will start in nutral,could it be relay?
this just startrd a buzzing inside of car gages dont work lights wont work park light dont work brake light stopped working
Does the computer [brain] have anything to do with the injector pump on a 1993 300D 2.5 mercedes? The two wires going to the injector pump, I know one turns the pump on what does the other wire do... I still am having problems with no power under pressure... sure could use some help and suggestions. I also need to know the torque setting for this car...
my mercedes starts great but when I try to go up a grade or step down on it it doesn't have any guts or shift down... when it is cold, just starting out, sometimes it runs right , but when it warms up it is gutless again.... love the car but just can't figure it out.... Mercedes garage said it was the vacuum pump and I put a new one on and it does the same thing.... any input would be so helpful ... I have checked vacuum hoses for pressure leaks but everything so far has checked out.. I read a lot of this year and model have the same problem but have never found an answer....
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