Lexus ES330 Questions

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Just changed the the rear brake pads
Color of power steering fluid turned brownish.
2005 lexus 330
My tail, parking and license plate lights are not working; but the brakes do
I discover my car that trac off and vsc also checking engine come on the dashboad so what can I do to get it off
Auto repair shop said they determined there might be a leak around the water pump. They said they determined this by conducting some kind of pressure test.

Trac control light want turn off. How do you cut it off
I have had the car a short time. Low mileage. 37,000. The drive window rolls down.Will not go up. When symptoms started it was s=l=o=w to go up. Now it will not go up at all. What should I be considering?
I have a 2005 Lexus ES330 model. The front driver seat leather has begun to rip significantly. I have found a seat for a 2006 model. Will that seat fit in my 2005?
Put key in to start car lights come on but in run position no lights don't say anything
How long have you had this problem? One day
Only miles until empty displays, tachometer doesn't work, and the oil pressure and bulb out idiot lights stay lit.

How long have you had this problem? 1 day
Nothing else just lights
All functions i can see so I don't think it's the battery.. Its not turning over at all.
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