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Trying to tuneup a 1994 Mitsubishi Expo & it says that " Before U Start, Ground The Ignition Timing Terminal". So I have two wires to choose from & I don't know witch one it is.
Thanks for the help on this matter.
It never goes down to first gear. Running in second and third gears.
Sometimes the starter works, and sometimes not. It sounds like it's spinning, but not connecting.
Driving up hill , Car cuts off and will not restart. Total loss of power . I thought maybe a timing belt , but no clunking sounds as if valves had collapsed or rods bent etc.Turns over good , but not starting .I also think it may be the fuel pump or map sensor..someone help me out here , PLEASE !!
My car Rose is stuck in 2nd gear.
my tranny was rebuilt and was told my lock out was bad
it is an intermittent problem sometimes after setting for 2-3 days it will give us the problem. sometimes after driving until its hot then letting it set for 1/2 hr to an hour time doesn't really matter. Cold and hot temps seem to cause it to react.
this light only comes on when starting vewhicle previously. mostly comes on when turning left ?
trying to find how to add trans fluid
car turns over, but will not start. wondering exact location of fuel system.,ie..fuses,pump,filters, etc. i am a girl, just bought car, and like to do self help repairs. thank you!!!!!
This is a used car I purchased and it drives ok, except that it feels like the transmission won't shift gears. The transaxle fluid is very dark (black)and has a very small leak. Do I need to rebuild the transmission/; and if so, can I get a ballpark figure? I have a 1993 which runs excellent; reason for which I bought this one. A local shop, Castro Automotive, recommended that I get rid of this chariot. Should I?
what kind of transmission fluid should i use?
The headgaskets/valve cover gaskets were changed along with a minor valve adjustment in Feb of this year. After that, the oil pressure warning light was blinking on/off and it needed 2 qts of oil. I added the oil and brought it back to the repair shop where they checked everything, didn't find anything wrong, but changed the oil pressure sensor and added some oil. The oil pressure light stopped coming ON. A week later I checked the oil and it was low (-1 qt) which I added. On anytime cold start, when oil level is normal, a trail of white smoke folows until the engine temp gauge is at midline temp. The oil used is 10W/40 due to high mileage. Took it two more times to two other repair shops and Auto Zone for electronics check-up pertaining to this issue and to replace the oil pressure sensor if needed. Everytime it showed that everything is OK. Regular maintenance is done on schedule and proper oil level is maintained, but on monthly occassions I've had to add oil (ranging from 0.5 - 1.5 qts) and again the same problem comes: white smoke out of the tail pipe on cold start at anytime of day, any weather condition, the engine pressure oil light does not come on and engine scan shows OK. Can you please give some advise on this very anoying issue? The car runs great without any other major or minor problems. I love this car and intend to restore it in a very near future and keep it forever, but what can I do?
I need some help!!! much should it cost to replace a fuel line or hose? I have a small leak from the rubber hose leading to the gas tank and should I remove my gas before taking it in for repair?
thanks, g
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