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I need to leave my car parked for 10 months before returning to use it every year. I have been paying someone $50 to start it and run it for 10 minutes once a month. Suppose I just disconnect the cables and reconnect them whe I return.. What then?
Trying to tuneup a 1994 Mitsubishi Expo & it says that " Before U Start, Ground The Ignition Timing Terminal". So I have two wires to choose from & I don't know witch one it is.
Thanks for the help on this matter.
It never goes down to first gear. Running in second and third gears.
Sometimes the starter works, and sometimes not. It sounds like it's spinning, but not connecting.
Driving up hill , Car cuts off and will not restart. Total loss of power . I thought maybe a timing belt , but no clunking sounds as if valves had collapsed or rods bent etc.Turns over good , but not starting .I also think it may be the fuel pump or map sensor..someone help me out here , PLEASE !!
My car Rose is stuck in 2nd gear.
my tranny was rebuilt and was told my lock out was bad
it is an intermittent problem sometimes after setting for 2-3 days it will give us the problem. sometimes after driving until its hot then letting it set for 1/2 hr to an hour time doesn't really matter. Cold and hot temps seem to cause it to react.
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