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I was told that the timing belt most likely broke a tooth because a distributor is not supposed to turn this much. Is this true?
After I replaced mu water pump on my 2004 FX35, the car consumes a quart of oil each month. The mechanic had the car longer than he quoted because he had to wait for a timing chain part. Is there a relationship between the timing chain and water pump which would cause my car to burn oil? I have put cardboard under the car to detect a oil leak. The car does not leak oil. The tail pipe is coated with a black carbon material.

I added R-134 because the A/C system was blowing cool air rather than cold air . My gauge was broken and I may have over filled the system. Now all that is blowing is engine temperature air. It’s hot inside the car even when the tempered air is off .
On cold mornings, sometimes the transmission is slow to engage. Otherwise, shifting is smooth and quiet.
I have heat and/or a/c only thru a/c vents. Nothing thru vents at feet or defroster vents.
It looks like a shifting gear of a siluate of a man
had to change one of the parking light bulbs . once replaced could not get the lights (front and back to work).
check fuses seem to be ok.
My car was working fine, but now it isn't turning over or doing anything when I try to crank it, no light on, just won't do anything, please if you have any idea what might be going on
Plus the cruise control does not work when lights come on..

Switch off - restart car - ok for 5 or 6 miles then all on again.

What is the issue?
So there's a slow coolant leak about center rear of the engine block which drains the reservoir. And when the climate control is on, you can smell the coolant leak. Any idea on where to look for the leak? Or the source?
I could not find the key to our I 30 this morning, so I used the spare key. The car refused to start (battery strong, kept turning over and over), and I tried a number of things (locking and unlocking door using key, removing the fuse for the security system, waiting and then replacing it). Nothing worked. Eventually, I found the other key and the car started right up. I would like to know what is required in order to use the spare key---otherwise, why do we have it? Thank You
2011 Infiniti FX 35. Power steering fluid bubbling in resivior. Took to dealer they said leak in rack and pinion. Done and still bubbles. Normal or not.

Second is location of AC condensation drain tube. Getting water dripping over passenger side frame rail behind tire.
Notice last week carpet wet on driver side under rubber matt just in middle of the carpet area not by the brake /gas paddles
I keep hearing a ticking sounds
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